So you’ve achieved your goal with One Life Success? You’ve wrote that book. You’ve made that website. You’ve got that job. You might have even taken over the world! Whatever you’re goal was, if you’ve managed to get there then Congratulations! But before you pick up that glass of bubbly, remember that your journey isn’t over! There is always someway in which you can improve yourself and your life.

In this section, both Joe and I will take you through what comes after accomplishment. After you get grasp of that shiny prize, whatever that prize to you might be.

We’ll show you the importance of recognising and enjoying the rewards of your success, the rewards you gained from all your planning and hard work. We’ll show you why humans aim to achieve in the first place and how you can use your achievements to achieve more. This section is also useful for anyone who has achieved what they aimed for, but either doesn’t feel quite satisfied by the path they have taken or don’t know where to go from there.

So get ready to realise that one life success, doesn’t just mean a one life goal!

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