Common Pitfalls 

There are pitfalls present in the way people do all kinds of exercises and work, and self development is no different! In fact, with its need for the person to think and feel deep inside themselves for themselves there are even more. The following are a list of common pitfalls I have come across, but don’t think these are all! The list is endless and you may come across more yourself while working on your own self development.

A Rushed Thought & Understanding of Yourself

When developing yourself, particularly when applying goals, you must have a high understanding of yourself and what you want from life. Your definition of success. But rushing to find this definition can be a bad thing, as it will only give you a false understanding of your self and a false knowledge to further work on in your self development. Take your time to think carefully about what you want and what you need out of your life. Think of this in both the short term and long term.

A Lack of Self-Belief

Wether you think you can, or think you cant, your right.A lack of self-belief can be a killer in self-development. After all if you don’t believe in yourself, then why would anybody else? And If you and nobody else believes in you, then why would you feel like doing anything to get to where you want to be? And if you don’t do anything to get there, then you never will get there. See what I’m saying?

There is no need dis-believe in yourself… you are capable of anything! Just think about all things you have achieved in the past, and how special you really are! Your a special person, with a special mindset (You must be to want to develop yourself into something better!) and you can accomplish anything you want to.

Other Peoples Doubts & Negative Influences

Often in life you have people who react negatively to your positiveness, or who have genuine doubts. But don’t let these people stop you from doing anything that you want to! Myself and Aimee (The co-founder of this website) once worked with a group of professionals and created an APP, all good right? It was for us, but it soon came apparent that our positiveness and start to a possible success was not taken well by our friends… They where very negative about the project and its prospects and consistently tried to find fault with the whole idea. Although they lost a lot of respect from me, it never stopped us from working on and even going on to write this website together. Don’t let anyone or their views get in your way of success. While they’re sat playing life day by day and seeing no change or improvement, you can be changing your life and making it better for yourself – They’re probably just jealous anyway!

Being Negative Yourself

Negativity is a bad thing. It locks down your positive mind and even puts your sub-conscious into a negative whirlwind. If you want success in life, positivity is the key… and why shouldn’t you be positive?! There are positive points in everything!

I once had a friend who was very negative, consistently talked about the things she couldn’t do and the opportunities that were not there. This didn’t do her well, as she spent so much time being negative and moaning about the things that weren’t there and the things that wasn’t going well for her, that she never saw or maximized on the things that we’re!

Being able to see the good in every situation, the good in every circumstance, and even the good in things that aren’t there is a great way to be! Moaning about they’re absence will not get those things to appear, but being positive and pro-active about the next best thing will get you far.

Excuses & General Laziness To Get Tasks Done

Although you have made the first step to start to develop and plan your development, many people often get lazy and find excuses to keep up with the tasks they need to do to achieve they’re goals. This may not occur to you, and to many people it wont! I understand that, but to the people that it does you quite simply need to cut out of it!

You quite obviously want to improve and develop as a person, and you obviously want the success that you deserve, but without consistent effort you wont deserve it and it wont happen. If you want the above, then you have to work for it. Even if it does take a little motivation, the hard work will be worth it. You only have a limited amount of time on this earth, and as every second goes by you get less and less, so you either use it wisely or loose it anyway.

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Wrote by Joe Brown