Wrote by Aimee Hall

Welcome to Discovery!

Walking to self-discovery.

Stop! Put down your pen! Before you start planning how to jet off into the sunset; discover yourself!

You are like nobody else in the whole world. Your life, your dreams, your future are all unique to you. So it’s important that you take the time and effort to get it right; to know who you are! You will become a more interesting, more useful, more successful person if you take the time and effort to make yourself more interesting, more useful and more successful.


What is Discovery? How Can it Help You?

By coming onto our website you are already taking a brilliant step in improving yourself and widening your horizons. By deciding to discover your self your making sure that the steps you are taking will be the right ones. This section of the site is your guide for the first steps of your journey to greatness, the section that’s focused on the inner paths you must take to achieve you life long dreams, goals and ambitions. Throughout my writing in this section I’ll be taking you on an inner journey, unique to you, that will not only show you who you are but what success means to you.

So many people don’t realise that to be fulfilled in life, you first have to be fulfilled as a person. But that’s what this section helps you to understand. That knowing yourself is the key ingredient of success and is the framework for building your future. Hopefully it will also help you to gain a better position and mindset to plan and execute your tasks with confidence and the ability to understand people as a whole. But most importantly… You’ll discover that it’s your life!

Whatever shape you discover yourself to be, your life is in your control. Planning around what we value, what we’re good at, what we enjoy will make everything much more worthwhile and fulfilling. So keep this in mind before you start planning your life and setting goals.

It All Begins With A Single Notebook…

This section is laced with helpful anecdotes and exercises to help you get started. So I suggest that, through your journey of self-discovery you keep a journal recording any discoveries you make about yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But it does have to be private.

There are plenty of exercises and tips to make note of; to reflect on what you have learnt and track your development, so make notes! Remember though that self-discovery is a continuous process. It should be enjoyable too. The website itself was planned from mere notebooks, notebooks of which you’ll see pictures of in later pages.

So why not continue with it after you’ve finished? You could also use it to help you when it comes to setting your goals and planning with your new information. We are always learning. You can never learn or develop too much. So get writing!

 First Page of Discovering: Personal Strengths & Weaknesses