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Look Up (Spoken Word) – An Important Message in a Changing World

Gary Vaynerchuk: Between The Clouds & The Dirt (Video)

As huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, it didn’t take long for me to pick up on the new short movie he released to his YouTube followers last week. In the short movie he talks about his notion of being Between the Clouds and the Dirt and focusing on nothing between his bigger dream, goals and strategy and working on the specific actions, plans and work needed to achieve them.

Gary also talks about marketing, social media and enterprise in the video, but bear with it a bit. All-in-all, Gary has some really good lessons and advice to learn.

Check out the Video Below! …And don’t forget to comment your thoughts below too.

For more about Gary Vee, Check out his Life & Lessons post here: Gary Vaynerchuk – A Hustler at Heart… Life & Lessons

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Inspires Me: The World Cup Bond… We Are One

2014 World Cup Brazil InspirationThe 2014 World Cup has been live in Brazil for officially 7 days today and we’ve seen both some amazing scenes of sport but also some extraordinary shows of support and bond too.

I’m from the UK and so ofcourse, I support England. Approximately 5000 British supporters flew out to see our opening match in the middle of the rainforest last week and many millions more have been watching eagerly around the world, to see their home teams play as well.

But this post is not about Football or Fifa, or even about countries or nationalities specifically, but rather the support shown, the bond brought and the atmosphere created around the world by such an extravagant and important event.

Regardless of its cost or point, I don’t think anyone could disagree that the world cup as a whole plays an amazing role in the ever increasing world bond we have. And it’s this world bondnwhich it creates, that inspires me and I want to talk to you about today. » Read more..

Inspires Me: Human Past, Present & Future

Moon, Earth, Space Panaram, Human Civilizations FutureI watched a video from Carl Sagan a few weeks ago and with it came a flashback of inspiration. It’s always marvelled me how the human race works together to progress as a group and this video, for me, just brings back to home the species that we all do in fact come from and the purpose that we all as humans have in common.

We conquered the land, seas and skies. We conquered the world as one and now we’re just at the beginnings of our venture out in to space. So should we still be fighting wars? Should we still be arguing, complaining, thinking only about ourselves? No, because when you think of the bigger picture, those little things matter no more, but by holding on to them so dear as we do, we’re only hold ourselves back.

I’ve wrote about my inspiration from the thought of being a single influencer of a much bigger team of our civilization before. I wrote about it quite extensively in my first ‘Inspires Me’ post about Maersk here.

So I shan’t repeat myself again, but if you have a spare moment to watch this video from Carl Sagan and consider our human purpose in this world, then I highly recommended you do! It’s really quite marvellous and inspiring to think how far we’ve come and yet how far we still have to go as team. » Read more..

Jamie Dunmore: My Call For Humanity [Video]

An eye opening spoken word piece, covering the serious topics of our humanity and our future. I think poetry aside, Jamie highlights some really key issues facing our world today in his video, but more importantly he covers the many issues facing ourselves to.

So take a listen and think. What does Jamie say that rings true in me? Because humanity and humans are facing issues like never before, but nothing is happening to change. However, we know that change is the first step towards future success, so think, what changes should you begin to make?

Take a listen and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


My Top 5 Speakers, Inspirer’s & Mentors Who You Should Check Out

Eric Thomas Speaker & Inspirer Since my first ever encounter with the internet, social media and an amazing website called YouTube many years ago, I’ve been amazed by a number of people who have been a real inspirational and guide to me ever since that day.

They all give different things; talks, lectures and advice, but to me, they all give several things in common to. They give great stories, inspiration and knowledge, 3 invaluable things which have helped me move through my life and projects at a tremendous rate of success over the last few years since their discovery.

So below, I’ve listed my top 5 speakers, inspirer’s & mentors who I think you should check out and follow online. They’ve been of great guidance to me, my life and the development of my philosophy and I feel they could be to you to.

However, don’t forget, these are just the people I’ve found and there are many more out there waiting to be discovered by you to! Check out my list and I hope you enjoy. » Read more..

Apple’s New Inspirational Ad – ‘What Will Your Verse Be?’

Saw a great ad from Apple this week and found it quite inspirational, something Apple have a habit of doing with their ads! It’s includes a quote from Walt Whitman and certainly drums up some unusual thoughts, contemplation and consideration of life.

Watch the Ad above or read it in quotes below: » Read more..

Train Travel – How Train Journeys Inspire Me…

train-travelYesterday I once again caught the train as I frequently do and have felt a little spark of inspiration since.

I sometimes catch the train to my families holiday-home on the coast of Wales for those short breaks and weekends away. But more commonly, it’s just for a short journey from Wolverhampton to Birmingham and so forth, such as today.

If you follow me on Twitter () you’ll know I attended The Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham yesterday. There I got to look at so great kit and of course, some very expensive kit to! I went into a few seminars/lectures, including ‘Capturing your Purpose’ from Aspire Training, which I may blog about latter on in the week, and had generally a great time.

However, the most inspirational part of the day, although I can normally find inspiration in anything, was most certainly the time around a variety of people and specifically the fairly smooth, yet typically busy, 30 minute train ride home. » Read more..

The Power of Wallpaper Inspiration: My 9 Best Motivational Wallpapers

Explore WallpaperDesktop Wallpapers are actually very personal things, but the best motivational wallpapers can also be very impacting to. You may only see it for a few seconds before your desktop is covered in windows and tabs once more, but perhaps a those few seconds of what I call, wallpaper inspiration, is all you need to refresh your mind and start the day on the right foot.

The Best Motivational Wallpapers can be of anything and still be motivational to you; after all, everybody is different! However for me, I’m inspired by many things and often go through little cycles of them to, but human civilization and the wonders of the world (Something I touched on in my last post here: An Extraordinary World of Trade: Why I’m Inspired By Our Modern World) have always been a huge inspiration for me.

Thus, my favourite and best motivational wallpapers include those of places such as New York, Monaco, Bridges, and many more of the extraordinary achievements of man. I also have a passion for boating and the water to, something you may also be able to see in my wallpaper inspiration selection below.

» Read more..

Movies of Inspiration: A Walk to Remember

If your in need of some reminding key life lessons of love, life and mortality… this film is the one for you. Showing the life changing story of a misled boy, he turns his life around from the joker of the class to a future success, following the meeting and journey of a life with his complete opposite.

If you’re looking for an inspirational film of life and life, then is the one. It represent a whole lot of life lessons and does so, leaving you in a state of reflection on your own life and what the future of it could hold in store for you.

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