Talent & Potential

What is a Personal Talent? A talent is a gift.

Our knowledge and our experience bring to light and strengthen our personal talents, but a talent cannot be taught. And why? Because we may not realise it but we are born to feel, think and behave in this particular pattern, not taught. It comes naturally to us.


This explains a lot when you think about it. It explains why someone can learn the skills required to play guitar but never be as talented as John Lennon… it’s because they weren’t born with the ear and the drive to create music. We’ve all come across someone who is naturally brilliant at wording things, at thinking outside the box, at organizing other people.

Without being taught, or pushed to do so, a personal talent is the reason why we think, behave and dream the way we do. The reason why someone may feel the need to paint, though they have never been pushed or taught to do so. Their skill is the painting. Their strength is the ability to create art.

And their personal talent? Having the drive. Thinking creatively. Behaving creatively. We can all learn the skills to do something, the skill to paint, to play guitar, but to be talented in that field? That’s something special, something very rare. Something that comes from the very core of our being.

Why Are Personal Talents Important?

It is our talents that motivate us towards our achievements, help us to gain strengths in a particular field and they come from the very core of our being. They make it easier for us to gain strengths in a particular field, find ourselves lead down a particular path or feel more hungry to achieve something than someone else might or might not. Our talents offer the potential of greatness, for our success, but only when we use them.

Do You Have A Talent?

We are all talented. Everyone.

You may say to me… but I’ve never wrote a book, I’ve never been a good leader. Well. You’ll be glad to know that all that, doesn’t matter! You simply haven’t discovered your talent yet, but I guess, that’s what people like me are here to help you do. The thing is that, we all have different sorts of talents.

You may have many, you may have one. Writing a book is a talent. Defined by skills of good communication, knowledge and experience. The talent is the drive to do so, the natural ability to be creative in our actions and trains of thought.

So the question is, how do you think differently?

We all do. And it’s a talent to do so.

Being a good communicator is a strength. Being a writer is a skill. But being talented is being genius in your strongest field. A strength begins with a personal talent. Some people may have drive to dedicate themselves to strive for a mission or belief, to compete.

Another may deeply care for accuracy, responsibility and precision. There a different types of talents; in the form of a natural drive, a natural ability/skill, a natural mindset or the natural ability to communicate with others.

1) Striving Talents

These are the talents that explain why someone may have the passion, or the drive to achieve or complete a certain task or why they deeply care for something and appear more hungry for it than others do. These types of people generally have quite determined, self-disciplined and ambitious mindsets and an attitude to life like no other.

2) Specific Talents

Those that gear someone to dedicate their life to developing a certain skill. These are the people that answer, ‘how did you do that?’ with ‘I don’t know’; people who are naturally born to make music for example.

3) Thoughtful Talents

Are those that help people to naturally be kind to others, creative or problem-solving. This involves the mindset we were born with, whether that’s the ability to be able to think outside the box, the ability to be inspired by the future or even someone with the ability to see and solve problems. Most people are born with a thoughtful talent because we all think very differently.

4) Communicative Talents

The natural ability to be trusted, related to and manage interpersonal relationships is one that involves a deep knowledge and self-awareness. Have you ever met someone who is able to win the most stubborn of people over? Someone who is always positive, empathetic or a great leader? Their personal talents may lie mainly in this category.

Your Personal Talents Are Your Potential for Greatness.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful ones is a lot of hard work” ~ Stephen King

  • Never be afraid to use your talent, be proud to. After all, it was a gift given to you, which to other people it weren’t. So try to consider your life in light of this talent. How can you use your natural caring abilities in your home life, in your career?
  • Invest in your talent. Use your time, money and energy on practising and developing the skills you need to fuel your talent and you’ll eventually be able to provide a near-perfect performance each and every time you use that talent. If you have the drive to write, then write.
  • Never stop upgrading your knowledge and experience.

With Talent Always Comes Potential.

A man juggling - His talent.You may say that you weren’t born with much money, in an un-inspiring place or even in an era that doesn’t seem to match your skills but when your talented, none of that should matter.

You were born in that place for a reason. If it’s uninspiring, make it your mission to use your talent to make it a better place. Everyone has the potential for greatness, to be the best you can be.

The more talented you are, the more potential and opportunities you have. And if you use it, take opportunities to fuel it and invest in it, and then you will improve and develop that talent. You will have your chance to shine.

So it’s important to remember that, wherever your talents lie and whatever your circumstances, it’s important that you invest in a talent with your time, effort, and skills and you’ll eventually be able to provide a perfect performance all the time for when that day comes.

And because everyone’s talents are different, everyone has different opportunities too. The more you fuel your flame, the more opportunities there will be and the stronger your strengths will become; leading you to become an overall skillful and successful being!

Wrote by Aimee Hall