Noticing the Results

Have goals, make efforts, get results, be happy

Achievement is no test, not an academic test at least. It is not about hitting the right points and being correct to what it says in the box. You do not get a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’, an A, B or C, and though, as critical as this is, it can often make it hard to realize your gradual achievements leading to your success.

Noticing the results of your efforts and seeing the mini achievements you are having is incredibly important. It’s these little (or even sometimes big) achievements that shape us, and our journey. They lead us to our success and so missing them is never a good thing.

Achievements can come in any form, big or little, fast or slow but always remember, they do come. They are there; in your life. You may win a competition with an APP idea and get it built, just like we did last year; this was quite a big achievement for us, or it may just be that you got up early this morning and so made a little personal achievement there.

What ever the achievements you have, it is important you recognize them, learn from them what you can and then reward yourself!

Life, to a success driven individual like a self-developer is mainly about work, with the aim of one day achieving success… so knowing you have achieved a little achievement here and have received big results there, can be a big motivator in keeping it up and reaching that success and self-fulfilment you deserve.

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Wrote by Joe Brown