Planning & Improving

Written by Joe Brown
My life in 10 years...

The ability to improve, is an ability we all have. Its an ability that takes planning, but will pay in huge dividends in the end. If you want to achieve success and self-fulfilment in your life; which I presume you do as you’ve come to this website, then improving is what you need to do.

By working through the discovery section and its exercises you should now have an understanding of yourself and where you want yourself to be in the future. Its time to make that improvement from the ‘now’ to the ‘future’ and that requires planning and action.

In this section you will put pen to paper and get your goals specified and written down into a set of success orientated specific goals. Once your goals have been formed, we will look at how you can plan the journey to the achievement of these goals and thus how to gain the success your want. We will also cover some of the many common pitfalls for self-developers, including the biggest problem facing every success aiming human-being on earth and how to avoid it – Burnout.

So lets get on! Work your way through the rest of the section and lets get improving yourself, and your life!

First Page of Planning & Improving: Setting Personal Goals