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7 Ways A Notebook Could Make You More Successful

Notebooks HeaderI know what all you tech geeks out there are thinking right now, notebooks are a little old fashioned for this day and age aren’t they? Well, no they’re not. There’s a reason that the notebook has remained a timeless creation for all these years, and there’s a reason why you (yes you, with the iPad) have clicked on this post. This post is all about that ‘why’ and ‘how’.

How Could A Notebook Make You More Successful?

1. You’ll Be More Organised

vector-notebookIf you can visually see the tasks that you have set yourself for the day, before it has even begun, you can prepare your mind for them and adjust the order of your tasks to suit the times of day when you are going to be best free and focused.

Having this flexible way of organising your mind is a great way to ’think outside the workplace’ even when you’re still sat at your desk. What’s in those pages is yours. You are in control. You are in charge. And that notebook is the organised portal to your success; you can escape to whenever you need to. » Read more..

8 Top Tips for… Handling Difficult People

Whatever life you lead, there will always be difficult and stubborn people you have to work with. These could be public members, staff members or even your boss, but you should never let this hold you back or prevent you from being the best you can be. Instead, follow my 8 simple top tips below.

Dealing with Difficult People

1. Channel Your Positive, Inner Dialog

Positive inner dialog, results in positive outer dialog. It’s a fact. So before you stand your ground, tell yourself that you can do this and that you can do it without coming out on the worse end.

Quite often the only leap you have to take between where you are now and where you want to be, is belief, so ensure you are constantly visualising a positive end to the situation no matter how small it might be. » Read more..

Six Top Tips for First Days: How To Make A Good First Impression

first impressionsIn life there are lots of first days – your first job interview, your first day at University, the first time you meet your partner’s family.

But as the autumn approaches and work becomes the centre of your world again, something important to consider is ‘first impressions’.

Don’t get me wrong, first impressions aren’t the most important thing to consider when you’re faced with a new opportunity but they are important.

If you make a good impression, your memory will be long lasting. You’ll be noticed. People will like you, and the favours will be much easier to take hold of. If you make a bad impression, similarly, it is one hard to remove.

This can be seen most obviously in the newspapers – if one celebrity does something wrong, we judge them for it… straight away. And we see them as that person for quite a while to come. The truth is this first impression is only an ‘impression’ that might have been a one-off, but judging is what humans do and in order to climb the ladder you have to be aware of (and not put off by) that.

So with this in mind, I’ve wrote below a six tip guide to help you in making a good first impression on your first days back to serious work, school or university. » Read more..

Six Ways To Kill Your Creativity: How To Avoid Your Creative Downfall…

Improving CreativityAt One Life Success, we shape a vast majority of our posts towards creativity and all of these posts, in some way, encourage you to flourish in a creative sense.

However, this post is a little different. Instead of providing you with a series of top tips to increase your creativity, this post provides you instead with a set of ‘what-not-to-do’ guidelines. Read on below for more. » Read more..

6 Top Ways to Boost Your Self-Development through Enrichment in Life

It's time to enrich your lifeLife’s a journey but many people live theirs on a linear path. I believe life and self-development should be an upward journey and one where you build yourself high and higher, level by level. So with that in mind, today I want to talk to you in this post about doing just that and my favourite ways of doing it – that’s through enrichment.

I honestly believe that life is about development and more specifically self-development, but I also believe the biggest thing of self-development is enrichment. It’s about building your knowledge, your skills, your mind, your contacts and your creativity. Building up, one by one all of these things to make yourself and your life, better and better as you live on.

In this post I’ll discuss with you 9 easy and yet great ways to expand your mind and boost your development through enrichment activities in your life. » Read more..

3 Ways A Facebook Friend Detox Could Significantly Improve Your Life

Facebook Friends Impact on SuccessWe’ve all got it, Facebook, the highly addictive and almost normal daily blog of our lives. Facebook currently has a member base of over 1.28 billion, but did you know, by befriending just a few of those ‘friends’ who we’ve all never spoke to, let alone met, you could significantly improve your life.

After carrying around 1000 Facebook ‘friends’ for the last few years, I’ve slowly been deleting them one by one over the last few months. However, yesterday I made a truly remarkable detox and cut my friends list from over 700 ‘friends’ to just 363 real ones.

I lost all of those ‘friends’ I’d never met, probably never would meet and who quite frankly just filled up my newsfeed, get on my nerves and made me feel bad; and now I feel much better for it. So in this post I want to tell you about the 3 great reasons I’ve found, that a Facebook ‘friend’ detox could improve your life. » Read more..

6 Simple Ways to Relax & Regain Your Focus

Mental Focus and RefocusingSo over the last two weeks in particular I’ve spoke a lot about focus. Firstly in my blog last week I spoke about the key importance of focus during the upcoming exam season and its relevance to success in it, while in my Life & Lessons Post of Anthony Robbins, the world’s most successful peak-performance coach, I also talked extensively about his life lesson of focus and vision. » Read more..

Endorphins & The Self-Developer: Ten Ways You Can Become A Happier Person…

Happiness wideIn last week’s inspirational people series post I discussed the life and times of bipolar sufferer Stephen Fry. Despite suffering a condition that naturally affects happiness levels, Stephen Fry has come away from 2013 as one of the most influential faces of television. And that’s because he had a dream.

We all know that success can give us happiness because the rewards of success are money, fulfilment and a purpose outside of an average concrete life. But did you know that happiness can also make us more successful?

What is Happiness?

Happiness Apple and Smiley FaceHappiness is a subjective term used to describe those annoying people who giggle when they get caught in the rain or always have an answer to the problems at hand right? Wrong. Anyone can be that annoying person. Happiness isn’t about having a big smile on your face; it’s about feeling like your have a purpose, feeling valued and accepting who we are, who we used to be and who we want to be in the future.

Everyone has a different idea about what happiness means and how to get it. But something that everyone will agree on is that happiness is important and one of the greatest motivation methods out there. » Read more..

Busy With Brains: Four Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory…

Why Having a Good Memory is Good for the Self-Developer…

MemoryHaving a high-quality memory is a useful attribute to anyone whose routine involves accuracy and thought, because by having a high-quality memory we can higher overall efficiency, organisation and control over our thoughts and daily lives. And, as stated before, this is useful to everyone, but it’s particularly useful for the self-developer which is why I chose to discuss this topic today.

As a self-developer we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our work ethic, mindset and behaviours. And what better way to improve all of these things, than to improve the mind and its system of storing our ideas.

People with good memories are far more capable of finding solutions, combining ideas and strategizing the opportunities around them.  For the self-developer this would mean facing much less pressure when faced with a seemingly daunting task. Or even just being able to remember the names of your new colleagues.

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

The mind is complex and precious organism and it does a lot for us. And as self-developers we demand a lot more from our brains than most other people, therefore it’s just as important (if not more) to understand, take care of and improve our minds as it is to improve our bodies.

So this post is all about how you can improve your memory, just by making a few simple changes to the way in which you live in order to do this. » Read more..

7 Top Tips For… Setting Personal Goals: How to Secure Your Success Today!

A good archer is known not by his arrows but by his aim.

                                             - Thomas Fuller

Setting Personal GoalsA life without purpose is a life without direction. And a life without direction won’t have anywhere worthwhile to finish.

There are many reasons that might make you feel like they have no direction. But the main reason always comes down to this; you haven’t spent enough time thinking about why you are here and where you are going.

And that’s where setting personal goals comes in.

» Read more..