Taking the Next Step


Once you have achieved and realized your achievements, learnt from them what you can and rewarded yourself for them… it’s now time to shift your focus onto the future. From looking at the past and your achievements that have been achieved, to looking forward and towards the next goals that you aim to achieve.

Cycle after achievement This may be the time to look back at your bucket list and your life’s goals. Going back to your decided goals, or it may mean going back and finding yourself again. You will have changed quite considerably on your journey to where you are now and so will your aims for and outlook on life. Looking at yourself, your interests, your strengths, weaknesses and wants again could give you the inspiration you need to realize and decide your new aims and ready to go on to plan the step to get there.

Once your new aims have been found and decided (bearing in mind your new skills, interests etc.) and you’ve re-found your new self, its time to set new SMART goals and your plans to reach them.

Your basically going back to the start and starting again, but this time with your new experiences, skills, knowledge, contacts and maybe even money. As you repeat this cycle over and over, your cycle gets bigger and so does you success. You gain more knowledge, more experience, more skills, get to know more people, and ultimately achieve higher.

Were your last aims not right for you? Did you find out halway through or even after you had achieved them? If so then our next page may interest you!

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Wrote by Joe Brown