Recommended Book Review: P.U.S.H for Success

This is a very easy book to read and gives very simple hints and tips which I believe have helped me to achieve my dreams and hope can also help you achieve yours.

Remember Saira Khan? Star of the hit BBC TV series The Apprentice, Khan was a bit different from the other contestants. She was innovative, ballsy, loud and could handle Alan Sugar like no other.

Naturally she stood out of the crowd and oozed a ‘can do’ attitude that clearly showed everyone watching that this woman knew exactly what she wanted and was going to push at all costs to get it.

Wouldn’t believe this strong successful woman began life in a places where ‘the man was regarded as the leader and provider of the home’ would you?

In a world so far away from the one she took by storm, Saira began life in a town with no electricity or water pipes. She built herself up around inspiration to be different, grew determined from the high standards her father set and made no excuses. The past was simply a mould to grow with. Failure wasn’t an option.

Where Is She Now? How Can You Be Inspired By Her Book?

Saira Khan is now a business woman, a TV presenter and a motivational speaker. She has been made the face of many prestigious columns and shows and currently runs a successful business alongside her husband Steve.

But it’s not these titles, in particular, that made me pick up the book.

Being a creative person I personally have no interest in running a ‘business’, only in terms of providing a creation of my own (my writing) to world. It was her mindset that sucked me in.

The how she got her titles that I desired to learn about. Because with creation, also comes the need for a drive to make that creation work and be created.

This is something you either have or you don’t right? - Not according to Saira.

According to Saira a mindset can be personally trained. Having stamina, the commitment to improve, and the ability to be decisive, the keys to having a successful and happy life can all be learened says Saira. Here in P.U.S.H for Success she is offering you those keys. Or more, your very own personal key to successful living.

So don’t rule out this book if you’re after what I call ‘a simple success in the form of a fulfilling lifestyle and a satisfaction in your day to day life and its accomplishments’. Because the main aim of this book is to give you ‘the tools to achieve success in all areas of your life’.

P.U.S.H will help you to discover what you want, have the attitude to get what you want, and relish the feeling when your goals and targets are met.

So What Is P.U.S.H?

P.U.S.H is a collection of attributes, forming one unbeatable disposition, including being:

  • Proactive (setting and working on an action plan to get what you want)
  • Understanding yourself (knowing what you want)
  • Selling yourself (helping other believe you can get what your want)
  • Having High Standards (only settling for what you want)

And the result? You guessed it! Getting what you want.

P.U.S.H Is The How.

P.U.S.H is her only book. And it shares the secrets and strategies that she has used herself to the perfect an achieving mindset of your own bit by bit.

Past experiences such as the need to be one out of the 6,000 applying for the apprentice helped shape Saira. In this book she aims to use these to shape you. Teaching you that you have to believe in yourself and get other to believe in you to get far in life. There are also everyday exercises and ideas provided in this book for goal setting and forming an ‘Action Plan’ that works for you, as well as advice on the practicalities of success for steps such as interviews, communication techniques and understanding the world and people around you.


Overall I enjoyed this book very much and found it useful.

The aim of this book is for the reader to come away with confidence, self-awareness, an action plan and a positive mindset towards themselves and others.

She’s no Steve Jobs or Bill Gates but that’s what makes this book so approachable and applicable to the normal circumstances of day-to-day life. I would certainly recommend the book to everyone who wants an improved, better life, but also in particular anyone who found my posts on mindset and Joe’s on goal setting useful to.

Wrote by Aimee Hall