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Six Ways To Kill Your Creativity: How To Avoid Your Creative Downfall…

Improving CreativityAt One Life Success, we shape a vast majority of our posts towards creativity and all of these posts, in some way, encourage you to flourish in a creative sense.

However, this post is a little different. Instead of providing you with a series of top tips to increase your creativity, this post provides you instead with a set of ‘what-not-to-do’ guidelines. Read on below for more. » Read more..

John Green on How to Make Things & Why (Video)

I’ll be honest, when I clicked on this video I intended only to view the first ten minutes. But as time progressed, I got absorbed in what Green had to say about the process of creation and came to realise that it went hand in hand with what we encourage here at One Life Success.

I’m sure you’re all aware that the book sensation ‘The Fault in our Stars’ was released into (English) cinema last week, but if your not I still recommend this video because the author of the book, Mr John Green, really captures the essence of creation in his talk about: why we do it, why we should do it and how we do it.

Whether you’re a writer or not, this video is inspiring for any person who wishes to challenge themselves creatively and get inspired by what it means to create. So grab a notebook and take a listen. What does creativity mean to you? How can you challenge yourself? Why do you create?

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Can Traumatic Experiences Make Us More Creative? Turning Your Despairs, Depression & Dull Moments into Art..

Be Still - Trauma and creativityHow Trauma Can Aid Our Creativity

Most people would argue that in the face of failure and loss we are at our weakest stance. But I disagree. We may be at our most vulnerable and sensitive, but part of being human is feeling emotion and feeling emotion plays a big role in the creative process.

Your project failed. Your manuscript has been rejected. You’ve lost a loved one. All these feelings are painful, but it’s these painful feelings that separate us from robots and will breathe life and meaning into your ideas and creative work.

So why not use your desperation, as motivation to write/draw/create yourself out of the hardship? Why not use what you learnt the hard way to improve yourself or share your ideas with people that share the same struggles?

Art is the unravelling of the soul. It is the area in which we express our true desires and greatest fears and that’s why some of the best creations were made as product of depression or loss or anger because it’s at these times that our desires are much more prominent.

How Creativity Can Aid Our Traumas

Traumas can bring something of a fuel and meaning to our creative work. But equally, creativity can help us resolve our traumas. Below is a list of six ways in which I believe creative methods do just that:  » Read more..

eBook Writers – A Demonstration of Creation & Entrepreneurship Entwined?

Personally, I felt nothing but reluctance towards the development of the E-reader. I wasn’t quite spitting at the Kindle adverts, I hardly watch television enough to know of them, but in the suggestion that I get an e-reader for Christmas, I was close to spitting.

And why? Because In my eyes there is nothing better than coming across an old library. Nothing better than the smell of new book and the cracking spine of an old one.

But the truth is, technology is a big part of our generation’s lives. And it’s something myself, along with the millions of other young writers out there, will need to deal with in their time. » Read more..

Entrepreneurship & Creation – Are Books, Films & Music Products of a Creative or Entrepreneurial Mind?

Entrepreneurship for the Creative Mind…

Global Entrepreneurship week may have been something that slipped your mind this year. Being honest, it’s something that has slipped my mind, every year. But it’s not something you should rule out of consideration, if you’re a budding artist, musician or filmmaker.

Directions of Entrepreneurship

Being a creative person, I’ll admit, I always associated Entrepreneurs with businessmen. People in suits with bulging briefcases, shiny shoes and that of Entrepreneurship week never crossed. But I’d like to take this opportunity to put my hands up and say I was wrong and to pitch to you a question that has been on my mind for quite some time.

Can the writer, the artist, the filmmaker, all roles associated with the creative branch of the success tree be branded as Entrepreneurial? And equally, can the businessman, the computer whiz, the economics enforcer be classed as a creator?

The truth is, Entrepreneurs, cannot be branded at all. » Read more..

“Education Kills Creativity” – Do Schools Kill Our Innovation?

Note: This post is one of our ‘Creativity Week’ series. To read more post from the series click here.

People assume that to be educated, we must be schooled. Or that the two terms are the same thing. And yet, what we often ignore, is the fact that many of the idols we look up to and learn from were high school drop-outs themselves; such as Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

What is an Education?

To be educated, by dictionary definition, is to ‘show evidence of schooling, training or experience’. To be schooled is vastly different. Being schooled has nothing to do with gaining knowledge useful outside the classroom. It is the process of being sat down in a classroom, surrounded by the same people, in the same clothes, drip fed the same information that the same lecturer taught the year before, day in, day out. The same.

Hardly inspiring. Hardly an experience. Hardly the creative person’s dream. » Read more..

Top Tips For… Increasing Creativity: How To Improve Creativity

Note: This post is one of a series of posts covering all aspects of Creativity. You can find other posts in this here.

Improving CreativityAs with any element of psychology, there is a heavy debate as to whether Creativity is a product of genes or external factors. Some people believe that some are born with the ability to see things that others can’t. That the likes of Nancy Yi Fan (author of best selling Sword Bird series at the tender age of eleven) was born with the need and the skill to write. Others believe that people are raised to see differently. That you get out of yourself, what you put in. And these desires to be the best are fuelled by those around us and the things that we see. » Read more..

Walt Disney: A Magician Frozen in Time… Life & Lessons

Note: This post is one of a series covering the lives and lessons from a variety of the world most successful and world changing people. Other posts in this series can be found here.

The Magic of Creation…

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths

- Walt Disney

Just like the word ‘success’, ‘create’ means something different to everyone.

Walt Disney in colour

In my mind, creating is bringing colour and new knowledge to a life outside of our own, in a way that’s just that little bit better than how it was brought to you originally. Inspired by past characters, and inspiring future characters if you like. In your mind it may stand for something slightly different. But we can all agree on one thing; that the world would be a very dull and unchanging place without the ability (or hunger) to create.

Walt Disney, is one of my favourite examples of ‘creators’. Because Walt Disney stands strong, not just as a philanthropist of movies, but as a recognised hero to all worlds of people; children and adults alike. Almost every child knows Mickey Mouse. Almost every child has watched a Disney movie and smiled and laughed and learned from what they see, their lives touched by Walt Disney’s fingertips, and a better place because of it.

Disney continues to win the hearts of children globally as a result of his unique, revolutionary and creative works even forty-seven years after his death. His dream was to make life more enjoyable and to discover a new way to tell and to teach. He dedicated his own life to pioneer the field of animation and fulfil this cause. As a result Walt Disney is remembered, idolised and forever living on in the memories and hearts of the minds he captured.

This is all about how you can learn from the life he lead. » Read more..

Creativity & Innovation: What It’s All About

Note: This post is one of a series covering all aspects of creativity. The rest of the series can be found here: Creativity Week

What is Creativity and Innovation?

Creativity and Innovation is something that we see every day and the results of it can be found in anything we see or touch. Being able to create or innovate is an ability to create something of value. And whether it’s through the arts and fiction or through design and physics, I think it’s both truly magnificent and vital in our world.

Both creativity and innovation can mean so much. They can be seen as similar and different, yet they can also both come from any kind of inspiration. I think the best way to feel, understand and see what creativity and innovation is, is truly by watching something else of creativity. And this amazing video, is exactly that.

Listen to the words and watch the scenes of creativity and innovation on the screen.

Is There A Difference Between Creativity and Innovation?

In the video above it said that “Creativity is no longer reserved for the musician or artist, it can be found in anyone. It’s the ability or the urge to make something of value.” » Read more..

Creativity: What is Being Creative? (Video)

This post is the first introductory post to our ‘Creativity Week’ Series. The rest of this series can be found and viewed here: Creativity Week

I often think about creativity, innovation and the ability to come up with and develop new concepts. It’s something thats really important to me and something that I predict is going to be incredibly important in my life and actually the future of our world.

So after seeing this video on Vimeo tonight, I just had to share it with you all. As for me, this shows great examples of creativity and speaks exactly about what it is. It’s an inspiration to keep up the creativity and to keep on attempting to innovate. Hope you enjoy!

Post by Joe Brown