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Exercise: Your Time, Money & Energy

Money or time?In ‘You’re Values’ I spoke the importance of considering your values when planning your life goals. I spoke about how, as humans, we can give our time, money and energy in return for what we desire. For what success means to us. But how can we discover our values? By looking at it backwards. First you should take a look at what values your life reflects right now. How you spend, what you can give. Your free time, your income, your energy. The following questions should help you to discover trends in these aspects of life. Trends of which are your personal values. » Read more..

Exercise: Brainstorming an Overview of The Life You Want

To build a life overview sheet, including your life goals, I find the brainstorming technique most effective. It’s a good idea when planning to just do a simple sketch of our ideal life.

When outlining your life, it’s a good idea to include the different categories of life such as Wealth, Business/Other life importance, Relationships (Split into: Family, Friends, and Others), Giving Back, & Well-being (Split into: Physical, and Mental) coming off from the centre ‘bubble’ labelled with something like “My Life”. » Read more..

Exercise: Your Ten Commandments – Whats Important in Your Life?

Looking for Trends In What You Value…

Life ImportancesTo truly discover and plan life around what you value, you have to know what your values are. The top priorities you look for in yourself, the people around you and the life you want to lead.

As humans we have the capacity to adapt to our environment. Our values change. Your list of considerations, the ones you made to live life the way you do today, might be endless. But the key to personal development, is improving. And to improve your life, to improve yourself, you have to look inside yourself, at your core morals.

At the end of this exercise you should have a guide for your day-to-day living and planning. » Read more..