Preventing Burnout

Preventing Burnout like thisGetting the most out of your life, being a success and achieving your true potential relies on more then just planning the journey you will take to achieve what you want to.

But it also relies on you actually taking that journey and making the end-to-end effort and dedication to completing the tasks you need to complete and making the changes you need to make, to become the person you want to be with the life you want to have. But Sadly, this can often be a hard task in its self.

Although this website aims to help you get more out of your life and encourages your 100% effort in doing so, it is often found that 110% non-stop effort can lead to a life burnout, something you should want to avoid!

A burnout in life and self-development is where a person either consciously or sub-consciously looses the will and/or motivation to carry on with their journey and slips back into their old ways, habits and life.

This concept of a caused burnout, could be explained through the example of running. Rather like a sprinter vs the ussual long distance runner… A sprinter sprints at 110 percent but soon burns out, on the other hand a long distance runner avoids burning out for some time and gets far, although it can take him longer to hit the distance.

Pros & Cons of the Fast and Slow Approaches to work and there influences on burnout

Depending on yourself, your mentality and your goals you will have to think about what is best for you… speed or distance. The key is to balance between the two. Being to close to either extreme will frequently result in a burnout and a lose of effort and enthusiasm; but with the perfect balance for you you’ll find you can keep it up forever.

Deciding that balance can rely on many of your own personal factors, but what I would say is if your planned journey to the life and success you want is a long one, then maybe a slower but sturdier approach is right for you. But if your goals are short and precise then a quicker approach could be better to. Just like in a race, the longer the race the slower you’d run and vice versa; this is how to prevent burnout.

Preventing Burnout: A Simple Recap

Preventing Burnout - Is it a sprint?

When developing yourself and your life in to something better, do it gradually but consistently.

How quick you push on with it is up to you, but you’ve got to watch you don’t rush in to quick, or take it to slowww… else you will run the risk of burning both your self and your mind out.

Ask your self for a percentage and work at or around that percentage. Just don’t over do it!

One last thing! “Slow and steady wins the race” but you cant be to slow… else you’ll starve and never finish the race anyway!

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Wrote by Joe Brown