3 Ways A Facebook Friend Detox Could Significantly Improve Your Life

Facebook Friends Impact on SuccessWe’ve all got it, Facebook, the highly addictive and almost normal daily blog of our lives. Facebook currently has a member base of over 1.28 billion, but did you know, by befriending just a few of those ‘friends’ who we’ve all never spoke to, let alone met, you could significantly improve your life.

After carrying around 1000 Facebook ‘friends’ for the last few years, I’ve slowly been deleting them one by one over the last few months. However, yesterday I made a truly remarkable detox and cut my friends list from over 700 ‘friends’ to just 363 real ones.

I lost all of those ‘friends’ I’d never met, probably never would meet and who quite frankly just filled up my newsfeed, get on my nerves and made me feel bad; and now I feel much better for it. So in this post I want to tell you about the 3 great reasons I’ve found, that a Facebook ‘friend’ detox could improve your life.

Your ‘Friends’ Make You Feel Bad

They make you feel bad! We all know it at heart, posting to Facebook makes us feel self-conscious and simply reading what everyone else has posted is no better either. It’s known as Facebook Induced FOMO and comes down to seeing just the highlights of everyone else’s lives, while still living through all of the dips of your own.

“Your newsfeed allows you see the top highlights and accomplishments of what the entire universe is doing. How is it possible to remain confident in your life decisions when you’re constantly being bombarded with what other people are doing?” says Adam Poswolsky, contributor to the Huffington Post.

Some people are really good illusionists at this and are really good at putting across the illusion that their lives are perfect in everyway, when in reality, just like everyone else’s, they’re actually not.

Don’t be drawn in to this trickery, it almost a marketing ploy to make the look and feel better about themselves. But as with all marketing ploys and illusions, if you don’t want to see or feel them, then you’re better off not looking at all.

Your ‘Friends’ Don’t Care & Neither Do You

This is quite a simple point to understand: No. One. Cares. Just as I don’t care about what all of my 1000 ‘friends’ have to say, most of them didn’t care about what I ever had to say either! So quite frankly, what’s the point?

I don’t want to know about Kim Smith’s newly born baby or Jack Daniels’ first time at the match last night, I just don’t care, and you shouldn’t either! Spending time focused on others is a loss of time focused on yourself.

So in summary, by cutting down to your real number of friends and acquaintances not only will you see only what you want to see, but also only the people that care about what you have to say will see what you have to do and say to.

Less ‘Friends’, More ‘Relationships’

Facebook friend’ing is a prime example of spreading yourself to thin. By filling up your newsfeed with the posts (which you probably don’t care about or even want to see!) of hundreds or even thousands of people, you struggle to see the posts from your real friends, family and acquaintances.

I know what it’s like, you get overwhelmed by so much rubbish on there and are left unable to communicate with even your closest friends properly through the service because of it.

This was one of the main reasons for my detox and it’s something I’ve seen results from within just a few days. Since clearing up my friends list and clearing out my newsfeed, I’ve been able to see the posts from real friends much more clearly, leaving me in a much better place to build and keep better relationships from of it.

A Facebook ‘Friend’ Detox: Conclusion

So in conclusion, if you have several hundred or even thousand ‘friends’ of whom many you’ve never met, I can only suggest you detox them to. From my own personal experience, it’s the best personal social media task you could do today.

It may be hard to take the axe to so many people, wondering if you’ll ever come across them again at first, but once you’re over it, you’ll be left feeling much happier and confident from it.

However, you’ll not only feel happier in the short term, but you’ll also begin to get a whole lot more value from the service in the long term to. By keeping much better connected with your real friends, family and acquaintances instead, who knows where the future could take you?

Have you ever had a Facebook detox? Or perhaps you’re going to now? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to know!

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