5 Top Tips For… Positivity: How To Be More Positive In Life

Being positive is about seeing everything and anything as an opportunity for achievement, gain and success.

There will always be times when we are put into a situation that makes being positive difficult but it’s about learning to overcome any barriers because we believe that it’s possible to do so.

And why? Because maintaining positive thinking will make it much more likely that you will learn what needs to be learnt for you to succeed.

Here are 5 tips on having a positive mindset; pick the ones that work for you!

Top Tips For… Positivity

1) Fake it!

Thinking positively makes us feel things are possible, and, because optimism is infectious, if we communicate with a ‘You can” attitude then the person your are speaking to is much more likely to believe it.

Using pro-active speech and body language when working with others, such as ‘I will try my best too’ rather than ‘It’s too difficult’, and making eye contact can help us to get the results we want from ourselves and from others.

So if your feeling nervous as you hand over your work for feedback, don’t think about it! Smile and sit up straight. Talk about how excited you are for it and think about how much you’ll benefit from the experience.

2) Imagine A Successful End Result

If your confident in what you do, you will become confident in yourself, so take the time to picture your ideal result; how you’ll feel when you achieve it. Consider also why and how you can be successful from it.

It helps to always work on something where you had an initial desire to do so. Being determined and being positive go hand in hand. A focus is great, but a positive focus? That’s unbeatable.

3) Go for it!

Enjoy the sweet taste of success and learn from the bitter taste of failure. But never say no to a new opportunity if you think there is a possibility that you can enjoy or learn from it. When you think of the future, anticipate it, don’t dread it. When you think of the past, think of how much better you are from it.

4) Control Your Surroundings

Look at inspirational books and people. This is just 1 of the many great ways to inspire yourself and help you to focus on something optimistic. Another great way to do this is to hang out with happy people or surround yourself with cheerful, positive images of success.

By only letting feelings and people of strength, success and belief in your life, you can learn to neglect any feelings of negativity. To teach yourself to believe that your weaknesses are not only a work in progress, but a future strength.

5) Be Grateful

Things won’t always go to plan. But always ensure that, in times when this happens, you take time out of your day to consider all that you are thankful for, all that you have achieved. Remember that you are brilliant and there is no-one out there like you. Use what you have to the best of your abilities and be the best that you can be.

Believing you can do something is the first step towards achieving. If you know you can reach that far, if you can see that you want to reach that far, you will be more determined to do so. So always ensure that you remember that you are in control of your emotions, how you feel towards your action plan, and that it’s not the other way around.

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Wrote by Aimee Hall