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Want to be a Leader? Nine Quotes from Politicians…

Every politician has to fight for their values and ideas, has to have the confidence to challenge the ‘norm’ and walk away from large scale failure, and every politician is a leader. Now whether you agree or disagree with each of their policies, you can still learn something from every single one of their attitudes to life.

Leadership Politicians Here are One Life Success, we think it’s important to keep you topped up with inspiration and this post comes at that task from a different angle, providing you with top tips of inspiration from some of the worlds greatest leaders themselves in politics.

Keep an open mind as you read below and you may just come away from this post feeling like your day, project, manuscript or deadline is just that little bit more possible. Carry on reading for more! » Read more..

Julie Burstein: Four Lessons in Creativity (Video)

In order to create, we have to stand in that space between what we see in the world, and what we hope for.

Julie Burstein has always been fascinated by the process of creativity and spends most of her working week trying to discover more about it through her writing, blogging and radio show producing. Not only is Burnstein now the author of one of the most impressive self-development books of all time (Spark: How Creativity Works) she is also the founder of Studio 360 Radio Station and, both of which are brilliant resources for the creative individual.

As a developing entrepreneur, Burstein is full of questions about the challenges and rewards that creativity bring and is always keen to shed some light on the answers she has found. In this video you can see Burstein in action as she shares four of her top tips for encouraging rather than diminishing creativity. » Read more..

Six Ways To Kill Your Creativity: How To Avoid Your Creative Downfall…

Improving CreativityAt One Life Success, we shape a vast majority of our posts towards creativity and all of these posts, in some way, encourage you to flourish in a creative sense.

However, this post is a little different. Instead of providing you with a series of top tips to increase your creativity, this post provides you instead with a set of ‘what-not-to-do’ guidelines. Read on below for more. » Read more..

Life is Short: Live it Well & Travel (Video)

C.S. Lewis: Success & Storytelling… Life & Lessons

C.S. Lewis HeaderA few days ago I came across a question on an application form that really sparked my attention. The question was ‘If you could choose any person to have dinner with, who would you choose?’ and unlike the other questions on the sheet I wasn’t sure of my answer straight away. As with most people, there are many people that inspire me. To pick only one, was impossible.

To find the answer I went back to my roots and I thought about what ‘success’ meant to me. To me it meant being the best you can be, but also resonating with the world around you.  In the end I chose a figure that has been in my life from the very beginning, a writer called C.S. Lewis.

Whether you’re a budding author or not it is impossible to deny that this man was one of the most successful in his field. The depth in which his series’ go to provide an escape for his readers is unique and admirable, but the length of time that his work has remained celebrated is possibly one of the most phenomenal indications of his success as a storyteller.

His novels have globally sold in their millions, his stories have been adapted in their hundreds, for all kinds of media, and his name is one I believe will live on forever in his field. I’ll further discuss the life and lessons of C.S. Lewis below. » Read more..

Why Go On Holiday? The 5 Benefits of a Summer Holiday…

Benefits of a Summer Holiday HeaderSuccess means something different to everyone. To some people it can mean being rich and famous, and to others it can mean simply being the best you can be. But one of the best ways to attain your success is to understand why you want it and what you’re going to do with it once you’ve achieve it.

One of the most popular rewards of success is going away on vacation. It’s something millions of people aim to do with the money they reap from achieving their goals every year. But travelling the world is also a great way to further our successes, and in this post I’ll discuss this with you and what travelling the world could do for you.

And if you haven’t made your millions yet, it doesn’t matter. Going any place new is a valuable experience for someone aiming for big things in life. Keep on reading to find out the 5 Benefits of a holiday. » Read more..

We Are One by Gurbaksh Chahal (Video)

Gurbaksh Chahal is the proud entrepreneur behind several hugely successful online advertising firms of San Francisco. Gurbaksh has always been keen to share his lessons and values for life and in this video, aimed to promote one of his previous companies, he does just that.

It’s inspirational, guiding and gives so real insight into the mindsets and values of the young and successful. Check it out below and if you’d like to find out more about Gurbaksh Chahal’s Life & Lessons, be sure to click here.

Is Your Boss A Psycho? The Link Between Leaders & Psychopaths…

psychopath leader

When we hear the word ‘psychopath’ we immediately think of murderers behind bars, but what you might be interested to know is that ‘psychopath’ is actually just a term for a person with a collection of traits that we all show some sign of ourselves in everyday life.

A psychopath is someone who acts without conscience in order to fulfil a certain goal. This lack of conscience could take form in someone who for example, gives the slow worker the sack without hesitation or takes complete credit for the combined efforts of his team.

Many psychopaths are in prison, as you’d expect, but what you might be surprised to hear is that the psychopath on the street is four times as likely to be found in senior management than any other career path. It’s these ‘psychopaths’ we’ll look at further in this post below.

» Read more..

Money, Money, Money: How to Write a Winning CV & Nail that Call-back!

Curriculum Vitae HeaderHere at One Life Success we believe that one of the most important parts of being successful is enjoying the success you’ve achieved. And although that ‘reward’ shouldn’t be money alone, it is an element of life that is impossible to ignore when you’re climbing to the top.

The truth is, money doesn’t buy happiness but it does lift ideas off the ground and that’s why I’ve included a post today about writing a winning CV because sometimes the basics are the best things to build upon when you’re aiming for the biggest and the best. In this case, securing the perfect job could be a stepping stone to that dream of yours – and thus, it’s important to do it right! » Read more..

6 Top Ways to Boost Your Self-Development through Enrichment in Life

It's time to enrich your lifeLife’s a journey but many people live theirs on a linear path. I believe life and self-development should be an upward journey and one where you build yourself high and higher, level by level. So with that in mind, today I want to talk to you in this post about doing just that and my favourite ways of doing it – that’s through enrichment.

I honestly believe that life is about development and more specifically self-development, but I also believe the biggest thing of self-development is enrichment. It’s about building your knowledge, your skills, your mind, your contacts and your creativity. Building up, one by one all of these things to make yourself and your life, better and better as you live on.

In this post I’ll discuss with you 9 easy and yet great ways to expand your mind and boost your development through enrichment activities in your life. » Read more..