Why Go On Holiday? The 5 Benefits of a Summer Holiday…

Benefits of a Summer Holiday HeaderSuccess means something different to everyone. To some people it can mean being rich and famous, and to others it can mean simply being the best you can be. But one of the best ways to attain your success is to understand why you want it and what you’re going to do with it once you’ve achieve it.

One of the most popular rewards of success is going away on vacation. It’s something millions of people aim to do with the money they reap from achieving their goals every year. But travelling the world is also a great way to further our successes, and in this post I’ll discuss this with you and what travelling the world could do for you.

And if you haven’t made your millions yet, it doesn’t matter. Going any place new is a valuable experience for someone aiming for big things in life. Keep on reading to find out the 5 Benefits of a holiday.

5 Benefits of a Holiday

1. You Get A Break

The idea of a break may or may not sound appealing to all you work-a-holics out there but sometimes it’s one of the best things to do in order to get back on track. If you’re feeling stressed by work, uninspired by a project or even just a little empty on the ideas you have, going away for a while will give you the time you need to think about those things and return back to them refreshed.

It’s not a good idea to go on a summer holiday in the middle of the working year when everything’s hectic and you’ve got a million unfinished projects to complete. You won’t relax much, your boss will ring you every five minutes and when you return, things will be exactly the same as when you left.

But instead the best time to go is at a time when things in the office or at your home desk are coming to a close.  At the end of a big project or assignment, take a break, get away and come back remembering why you do what you do. I promise you’ll be more ready to work than ever before.

2. You’ll Be Exposed to New Stimuli

Every new place has new people, new scenery and new traditions and this combined means new ideas. This is most useful for the creative individual because although a routine can increase our productivity, it can also reduce our initiative and creativity over time. Going away and getting out of your daily life style for even just a weekend is one of the best ways to go about increasing that lost initiative and creativity again.

Additionally being able to cope with different people and cultures will improve your work ethic when back working both abroad and at home. If you can already handle going away and working with a diverse range of people, you will do a better job than the less travelled individual. Believe it or not, employers value being well travelled more than grades in some cases, especially now the job market is modernising so much.

3. You’ll Feel Like The Hard Work Paid Off

rsz_1rsz_summer-holidayHolidays are (usually) enjoyable and something to look forward to.

This makes them a great aid in inspiring yourself to work harder for the future and to appreciate the work you’ve already done in the past.

Appreciating the past achievements you’ve made and refreshing on the ones you aim to work towards in the future, are two of the best ways to increase your productivity… again making this a great option for developing your work ethic.

4. You’ll Develop Greater Independence

This point is key for our younger readers. You may not think basic things such as being able to cook for yourself are particularly important in the bigger scheme of things, but in order to build ourselves high, we have to have the skills and foundations to work and take on future opportunities as well.

One of the best ways to learn how to take care of ourselves is to throw ourselves into the deep end and go somewhere new, alone. The more we depend on others, the easier it is for them to pull us down; or even for our own natures to pull us down too.

If you’re young and aiming high, get used to doing things alone as early as you can. It’s a valuable skill and will make the bigger steps in life much easier to take in your future.

5. Sometimes There Are Better Opportunities Abroad

You might not necessarily be going away for work purposes, but even so the opportunities for inspiration are more abundant abroad. However, if you are going away with work in mind, think about the world of contacts out there.

You’re much more likely to get further with a contact face-to-face and you’re much more likely to get something out of visiting certain places in the flesh than taking a virtual tour online.

So don’t be afraid to just take a vacation somewhere that pumps out the best in your field. It could prove to not only be a great holiday, but also one of the most valuable experiences in your career as well.

Wrote by Aimee Hall