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3 Ways A Facebook Friend Detox Could Significantly Improve Your Life

Facebook Friends Impact on SuccessWe’ve all got it, Facebook, the highly addictive and almost normal daily blog of our lives. Facebook currently has a member base of over 1.28 billion, but did you know, by befriending just a few of those ‘friends’ who we’ve all never spoke to, let alone met, you could significantly improve your life.

After carrying around 1000 Facebook ‘friends’ for the last few years, I’ve slowly been deleting them one by one over the last few months. However, yesterday I made a truly remarkable detox and cut my friends list from over 700 ‘friends’ to just 363 real ones.

I lost all of those ‘friends’ I’d never met, probably never would meet and who quite frankly just filled up my newsfeed, get on my nerves and made me feel bad; and now I feel much better for it. So in this post I want to tell you about the 3 great reasons I’ve found, that a Facebook ‘friend’ detox could improve your life. » Read more..

Aim to be at the Top of Your League? It’s Time to Start Thinking like a Coach

Coach for SuccessIt is a coach’s job to motivate, organise and bring together his/her team to ensure that they get the best results possible. Similarly, as a self-developer, it is your job to motivate, organise and bring together your skills (and yourself) in order to leap from the bottom to the best in your field.

Both the coach and the self-developer need a good self awareness (and plan) to get to the top of the chain. The only difference is that the person you’re relying on to get the job done is yourself and only yourself, as opposed to a whole team of other individuals.

In this sense there is something to learn for every self-developer from thinking like a coach. Whether you need to develop a better understanding of your project or a better plan of action; this post is all about how you can introduce the coach mindset into your daily life in small steps that are guaranteed to increase your productivity in both the office and beyond. » Read more..

Location, location, location: Three Perfect Places for the Aspiring Musician, Chef & Journalist to Visit & Live

 A Question to Ask Yourself Before You Make Any Big Move… 

Why do I want to move away?

If you clicked on this post you are obviously interested in unfamiliar aspects of the world outside your doorstep, but one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you pack up those bags of yours is why you want to make the move in the first place.

It’s natural for us to tire of the setting we’re accustomed to after a bad day at the office, but sometimes changing your life isn’t a necessary move and it shouldn’t (if possible) be your first and only option.

First identify where the problem lies. Are you uninspired by your surroundings? Does it not provide the opportunities you need to grow? Then see if those problems can be fixed by making changes to your current lifestyle. If they can’t, then perhaps moving away is the best option available to you after all.

Below are my top three perfect places for the Aspiring Musician, Chef and Journalist. For more from our Location, Location, Location series, click here. » Read more..

Book Review: ‘Uni In The USA’

‘Uni In The USA’ by John Wallis, Alice Fishburn, Anthony Nemecek and Anthony Seldon

Uni in the USA Book CoverLast week I brought to our younger readers’ attention the possibilities (and benefits) of achieving their higher education the USA. In the post – which you can read by clicking here – I recommended a book for anyone interested in taking this step further called ‘Uni In The USA.’

‘Uni In The USA’ has helped me, and thousands of other students, realize that moving to another country is not as scary as you might think. Although moving is a big change for anyone if you know enough about it, making the decision is much easier and this is why I’m writing about the book today.

The American education system proudly champions a breadth rather than a depth of knowledge, making it the perfect opportunity for a budding self-developer to make their way.

» Read more..

5 Key Values To Take & Implement from Apple Inc.

Apple Header ValuesI’ve forever been a huge fan of Apple, its people, its products and in particular the massive values it stands for as a company. If you’re a frequent reader of One Life Success then you’ll know I’m an entrepreneurial person and thus, naturally for me every bit of Apples values and culture fall very close to home. 

Steve Jobs had been the big pusher behind the values of Apple since the very beginning and it was those values which he’d instilled in it that made the company so successful from the get go.

However these values began to diminish and the company fail after Steve’s departure from the company in the late 1980’s following a disagreement with the board.

He returned in the 1990’s, took the company back to its early values and with himself at the helm and its good old values back intact, led Apple back to success at the top.

Steve Jobs sadly passed away in 2011, leaving his company behind in the hands of Tim Cook. But unlike following the previous departure of Steve from power, Apple has continued to succeed in previous years with Tim Cook refusing to relinquish the many values Apple has always stood for.

In this post I’d like to talk about just a few of the many values Apple stands for today and how they have not only created success for Apple, but how they could be implemented to create success in you and your projects too. » Read more..

Aimee’s Top Ten Writers Quotes

What Do Your Favourite Authors Say About Success, Failure, Creativity & Staying Focused?

Writing A QuoteAuthors are a great example of entrepreneurial activity because their role involves balancing both creativity (in writing the book) and business (in getting someone important to read it). It’s heading towards the summer now, but that doesn’t mean us world-changers can slack off – in fact it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time off and do quite the opposite. This was something Joe talked about extensively in his last blog post here.

So with that in mind, here are my top ten most inspirational writers quotes. Whether you’re a writer or not, reading these will hopefully give you the boost you need to keep up the hard work this summer. » Read more..

The Benefits of an American Education…Why You Should Reach for the Stars

American University Education SystemIn recent weeks I was granted a scholarship to go on and do my further education in the United States of America – permitting the Universities over there accepted me, and for me, that was unbelievable.

There was another girl in the process with five jobs (two of which were her own business), another who spoke three languages and another who played four instruments. But despite such amazing competition – they saw something in me.

And that’s the reason why I’m writing this post today, because I’m sure ‘they’ will find something in you too. The world outside our doors is full of unbelievable experiences. But unbelievable is not the same word as impossible and I’m writing this post today because I want you to believe that anything is possible.

You may be much older than the ‘further education stage’; you may not even want to go into further education, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about you and why you should assess all possible (or seemingly impossible) directions, before heading down a certain route.

As the exam season draws to a close, the younger generation may be wondering what the point of it all is? To spend two years getting a piece of paper with a sheet of grades on… It’s okay to wonder that. Questioning yourself is the only way that you’ll define that direction, but never question, taking the leap.

I applied on a whim and now I’ve got a scholarship. What’s a better time than now for you to reach for the stars? » Read more..

Don’t Dwell, Just Figure Out What’s Next… A Summer Lesson


It’s an important time of year for students and adults alike. Students are on the verge finishing their summer exams and we’re all leaving the winter behind, although it doesn’t always feel like it here in the UK, heading towards a happy summer. But today I bring a lesson too you all, students or not… don’t dwell, just figure out what’s next.

Steve Jobs once said, “I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” And that message has always stuck with me. Just because the wintry exam season is over, this is not the end until next year, but simply the end of this chapter instead.

» Read more..

Inspires Me: Human Past, Present & Future

Moon, Earth, Space Panaram, Human Civilizations FutureI watched a video from Carl Sagan a few weeks ago and with it came a flashback of inspiration. It’s always marvelled me how the human race works together to progress as a group and this video, for me, just brings back to home the species that we all do in fact come from and the purpose that we all as humans have in common.

We conquered the land, seas and skies. We conquered the world as one and now we’re just at the beginnings of our venture out in to space. So should we still be fighting wars? Should we still be arguing, complaining, thinking only about ourselves? No, because when you think of the bigger picture, those little things matter no more, but by holding on to them so dear as we do, we’re only hold ourselves back.

I’ve wrote about my inspiration from the thought of being a single influencer of a much bigger team of our civilization before. I wrote about it quite extensively in my first ‘Inspires Me’ post about Maersk here.

So I shan’t repeat myself again, but if you have a spare moment to watch this video from Carl Sagan and consider our human purpose in this world, then I highly recommended you do! It’s really quite marvellous and inspiring to think how far we’ve come and yet how far we still have to go as team. » Read more..

Jamie Dunmore: My Call For Humanity [Video]

An eye opening spoken word piece, covering the serious topics of our humanity and our future. I think poetry aside, Jamie highlights some really key issues facing our world today in his video, but more importantly he covers the many issues facing ourselves to.

So take a listen and think. What does Jamie say that rings true in me? Because humanity and humans are facing issues like never before, but nothing is happening to change. However, we know that change is the first step towards future success, so think, what changes should you begin to make?

Take a listen and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!