Location, location, location: Three Perfect Places for the Aspiring Musician, Chef & Journalist to Visit & Live

 A Question to Ask Yourself Before You Make Any Big Move… 

Why do I want to move away?

If you clicked on this post you are obviously interested in unfamiliar aspects of the world outside your doorstep, but one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you pack up those bags of yours is why you want to make the move in the first place.

It’s natural for us to tire of the setting we’re accustomed to after a bad day at the office, but sometimes changing your life isn’t a necessary move and it shouldn’t (if possible) be your first and only option.

First identify where the problem lies. Are you uninspired by your surroundings? Does it not provide the opportunities you need to grow? Then see if those problems can be fixed by making changes to your current lifestyle. If they can’t, then perhaps moving away is the best option available to you after all.

Below are my top three perfect places for the Aspiring Musician, Chef and Journalist. For more from our Location, Location, Location series, click here.

Seattle, New Zealand and Prague: Perfect places for the aspiring musician, chef and journalist to visit and live…

7) Seattle: Top Choice for Budding Musicians…

As a lover of everything American it was natural for me to start this week’s ‘Location, Location, Location’ post with a city in the USA, and for this particular section – written specifically for  ‘budding musicians’ – I’ve chosen Seattle.

seattle-skyline-with-space-needleThe reason I chose Seattle is not (entirely) because I’m biased in the country’s favour, but because America is the mother to rock n’ roll music. Not only did it bring you Elvis Presley and boy bands with quiffs, but it also brought ‘Grunge’ music to the world’s attention through, you guessed it, the small but colourful state of Seattle.

‘Grunge’ is genre close to my own heart, and had recently been labelled as ‘The Seattle Sound’ as it’s a big element of musical culture over there. If you like this scene, then I’d recommend Seattle to you because not only is it home and founder of some of the biggest indie rock bands, but it is also home to Bumbershoot one of the largest grunge music festivals in the whole world.

But don’t worry; if you’re not inspired by the indie rock scene there are plenty of local artists and big name acts to explore in pop, classical and many other different styles. S

eattle prides itself on its rich and varied musical scene; almost everywhere you go, from the beaches on the coast to the downtown core, there are live music venues, festivals and career opportunities at your fingertips. Seattle inhabitants want to hear good music; you want to perform good music. In this sense it’s a win, win inspirational cycle for everyone.

8) New Zealand: Top Choice for the Passionate Chef…

New Zealand QueenstownFrom all the adverts on television you don’t need me to tell you that New Zealand holds residence to one of the widest collections of organic seafood, meat and crops. Not only is it able to produce unique status goods, the goods are also of high quality – pinning New Zealand with one of the highest reputations for food tourism, professionals and industry.

Fresh mussels cooking on barbecue New ZealandIf you’re just looking to visit the country, there is no doubt that you’ll come away inspired by the skilful fusion of influences that form the very foundations of kiwi food. You’ll find this fusion in every local restaurant, every local beach barbecue and every local supermarket. There are also plenty of opportunities to go outside the local area to visit some of the best food and wine festivals in the entire world.

From a business perspective New Zealand is also a great place to set up shop. Working conditions are reasonable, cost of living is cheap and tourism for food is buzzing. Additionally, the low population means that there is less competition for industry than you’d find, perhaps, in Italy or Paris. For these reasons, New Zealand is the perfect place for a chef looking to explore food diversity and develop their innovation to go.

9) Prague: Top Choice for the Aspiring Journalist…

Prague from the RiverSince ‘the Velvet Revolution’ artists of all kinds in Prague have been able to take on more and more forms of creativity and perspectives in their work. This new creative freedom has allowed the diversity of culture to flourish in Prague making it an increasingly diverse and stirring place to be. The velvet revolution also brought along a heightened access to media sources, perfect for the upcoming newspaper or magazine writer.

Although Paris has often been described as the most interesting city in the world, Prague has just as many museums, galleries, theatres and events going on. In this sense it is just as educated in the world of culture as Paris, but with the added bonus of being far cheaper to live in. This is great for someone looking to make it in the world of journalism because it means that your initial income will go much further whilst still providing you with the stimuli you need to write about the world.

Additionally Prague is also a place with multiple programs to gather foreign journalists meaning there is no better time to take the leap than now. Prague is modern, it’s busy and it’s unique. The experiences gained there will be gained by no other journalist; setting you heads and shoulders above the rest when you come home.

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