Inspires Me: Human Past, Present & Future

Moon, Earth, Space Panaram, Human Civilizations FutureI watched a video from Carl Sagan a few weeks ago and with it came a flashback of inspiration. It’s always marvelled me how the human race works together to progress as a group and this video, for me, just brings back to home the species that we all do in fact come from and the purpose that we all as humans have in common.

We conquered the land, seas and skies. We conquered the world as one and now we’re just at the beginnings of our venture out in to space. So should we still be fighting wars? Should we still be arguing, complaining, thinking only about ourselves? No, because when you think of the bigger picture, those little things matter no more, but by holding on to them so dear as we do, we’re only hold ourselves back.

I’ve wrote about my inspiration from the thought of being a single influencer of a much bigger team of our civilization before. I wrote about it quite extensively in my first ‘Inspires Me’ post about Maersk here.

So I shan’t repeat myself again, but if you have a spare moment to watch this video from Carl Sagan and consider our human purpose in this world, then I highly recommended you do! It’s really quite marvellous and inspiring to think how far we’ve come and yet how far we still have to go as team.

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