Global Entrepreneurship Week: An Introduction from One Life Success

So today came the beginning of one of the biggest weeks in enterprise and entrepreneurial success. Today is the first day of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

As a week focused on enterprise around the globe, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be flock to the thousands of events being held worldwide this week and gain knowledge, contacts and inspiration from them all.

GEW began back in 2004 and has since reached millions of people, inspiring them about the potential of entrepreneurship.

Myself & Entrepreneurship

Ever since a child, entrepreneurship and business has fascinated me. My step-dad ran a medium sized family business and to begin with (at the age of just 10) I was fascinated by the prospect of entrepreneurial activity in the property market; creating and building countless plans and drawings on property developing computer programs.

I’ve grew up a bit since then, but still find an inspiration and motivation from business. I currently run this website and attend business related classes such as accountancy at college.

But as a younger teen, I would take on all the kinds of projects you see in the news. I’d sell chewing gum that I’d brought dirt cheap to other students in school and I once brought a rusty old bike only to spray paint, fix up and sell it on with a friend for profit.

Some of my little entrepreneurial schemes went well, and others not. The chewing guy one in particular, after my mom found out about it! But after it all, one thing remains… my fascination, inspiration and dedication with business and entrepreneurial activities. To my heart I honestly believe I’m an entrepreneur, and my ideas and ambitions for business are the first and last things that I think about each day.

And that’s why Global Entrepreneurship Week is so important to me. It’s a chance to feel connected and a time to be inspired, but most importantly it’s a time to read, listen and learn from all of the other entrepreneurs out there from around the world who have stories and lessons to tell.

One of who, is someone you just may have heard of. And his names Richard Branson. Here’s what he has to say about enterprise and Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Richard Branson on GEW

Global Entrepreneurship Week @ One Life Success

So, with what I have said in mind and the words from Richard to consider, we’ve decided that this week will not only be a week for myself and Aimee to observe, attend and take in the inspiring talks, events, activities that are going on, but also a week where we will be relaying all of it back to you right here on One Life Success. We’ll be reporting on our experiences, feeding back our opinions and hopefully giving a little inspiration and passion of our own to.

To find out more about GEW visit, follow @GEWUK or search for #GEWfwd on twitter. And to get live updates on our activities throughout the week, don’t forget to follow us too!

Have a great week, and be inspired!

Wrote by Joe Brown.