eBook Writers – A Demonstration of Creation & Entrepreneurship Entwined?

Personally, I felt nothing but reluctance towards the development of the E-reader. I wasn’t quite spitting at the Kindle adverts, I hardly watch television enough to know of them, but in the suggestion that I get an e-reader for Christmas, I was close to spitting.

And why? Because In my eyes there is nothing better than coming across an old library. Nothing better than the smell of new book and the cracking spine of an old one.

But the truth is, technology is a big part of our generation’s lives. And it’s something myself, along with the millions of other young writers out there, will need to deal with in their time.

A Key Lesson in Entrepreneurship : Having Audience Awareness…

As stated in my other post a key lesson we can learn from the Entrepreneur is the ability to produce and create to the best of your ability. And this means having a good awareness of the audience you  are providing for.  In my case, what I have to offer is a story.

Truth is, I would never, and will never buy an eBook for reasons moaned about above. But many people have, and if they haven’t already, will. And that’s because understanding how to use these technologies is getting easier and easier everyday.

“Given an eBook to a mother of two fifty years ago and they’d have laughed in your face. What did they need that for, when there was a library round the corner? But now women are out more, out and about. And the creator must be aware of this. To be aware of this, they have to think different. To think like an Entrepreneur” – Last Post: Entrepreneurship & Creation

By looking at the options around us, when we’re rising to our success, is vital. Because if you want your book, your art, your company to be available and used by the people. It has to provide for what the people want. Thus,  a compromise must be made to make  whatever you have to offer step great.

As long as your keeping the heart of your work close, modifying your work to suit the world is okay. The story I’m writing, will always tell the story that I wanted it to. If to change the world, it has to be in a different form… So be it.

The Production Process: Why Are We Making this Compromise?

The general age of entrepreneurial activity is getting younger every day, along with the rising use of technology entwined with creation. We can see this most in the likes of e-writers because as technology and technology-revolved production grow more popular, it is becoming easier and easier to create and make money from our creations. Without even having to leave our bedrooms, you can put your message out globally.

So what I’m saying to you know is that stubbornness, is a no-no. Flexibility is Entrepreneurship. And Entrepreneurship is the difference between success and failure in any form of creation and we can see this in the past.

Consider the way Walt Disney adapted himself in the ever growing world of technology. He set out to make films. That’s what he wanted to create, to provide; a lesson and a brighter life for the children of the world. When colour became available to the world of animation, he listened to the world around him. The people were excited by this invention. He became the first film-maker to animate in colour.

This success did not compromise his creative aims. It did not compromise what he wanted to achieve. It simply provided for the time. And as a result made Disney history and left him with the courage to move with the times until he became the legend he is today; further inspiring Entrepreneurs in the field of movies today to desire and dare 3D, 4D and HD. Who knows where creations will snowball us to next year?

To conclude I won’t be putting an Ebook reader on my Christmas list anytime soon, but in order to get my books on peoples Christmas lists in years to come it’s something I’m going to have to be aware of in order to make my success and providing for your audience, thinking Entrepreneur is a leaf to take for your own book too. Whether you’re an artist, a moviemaker, or a business man.

Wrote by Aimee Hall