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Recommended Book Review: P.U.S.H for Success

This is a very easy book to read and gives very simple hints and tips which I believe have helped me to achieve my dreams and hope can also help you achieve yours.

Remember Saira Khan? Star of the hit BBC TV series The Apprentice, Khan was a bit different from the other contestants. She was innovative, ballsy, loud and could handle Alan Sugar like no other.

Naturally she stood out of the crowd and oozed a ‘can do’ attitude that clearly showed everyone watching that this woman knew exactly what she wanted and was going to push at all costs to get it.

Wouldn’t believe this strong successful woman began life in a places where ‘the man was regarded as the leader and provider of the home’ would you?

In a world so far away from the one she took by storm, Saira began life in a town with no electricity or water pipes. She built herself up around inspiration to be different, grew determined from the high standards her father set and made no excuses. The past was simply a mould to grow with. Failure wasn’t an option. » Read more..

Recommended Book Review: Finding Square Holes

Finding square holes was an accident. I’d never noticed the box before, it was labelled ‘Self-Development’ and it belonged to my Dad. Inside was a piano of titles, all cliché along the lines of ’Success and Cvs’ and ’Jobhunting for the dumb’ but one caught my eye and it was this.

‘Finding Square Holes; Discover who you really are and find the perfect career.’ and that’s Career. Not job.

Anita Houghton is not a psychologist of any sort. Nore is she a shiny celebrity. She didn’t even win the apprentice. She’s just a woman with an honest voice, an open mind and an open admission to having ‘had the odd problem with work myself’.

I liked Anita from the introduction. She cut to the heart of things, something I fail at as a writer myself, and her approach to careers and self-development was methodical, humorous at times and easy-to-follow; reflecting her nature as a trained doctor. It was different. And I was hooked. » Read more..