My 3 Day Work Experience: Why You Should Take Every Opportunity

After being offered the opportunity for a work experience placement in my hometown of Wolverhampton a few weeks ago, I have this week spent 3 days in the placement.

Having taken up the offer keen to learn about the business and its vital skills, I spent 3 days in the Wolverhampton based estate agents Jackson Lile & Close, primarily with partner of the company Mr Close. Mr Close, an experienced estate agent, chartered surveyor and magistrate took me on in his work after an event held by our local rotary club lead to crossed paths.

Over the three days I was taken out on numerous house valuations, viewings and measure ups, educating me in the business of estate agency and in some ways opening my eyes to another way of business. Estate agency is well known as a people business, but to the extent I came to realise, I just did not know.

Having taken on the opportunity, I’ve not only learned about the business of estate agency, the property market and the many skills reflect-able into any business or situation. But also another insight into life from another view point.

Jim Rohn once said “Poor people should take rich people to lunch.” Now by poor and rich, he does not mean financially (although I’m sure with the many going concerns of his, Mr Close would be at the least financially secure) but in success and achievement. In other words, a man aiming to achieve should take a man who has achieved to lunch, and let him talk.

And in retrospect, thats just what happened (minus the lunch!) Not only did the work experience get me the physical experience and new raw knowledge and skills, but also a more personal conversation with Mr Close about the many aspects of life and business, broadening my mind to new ways and views of thinking. This was important to me.

So if you want to learn more, do more and achieve more. Take every opportunity that comes your way and make it worth your time. You never know, a few days or even minuets could broaden your mind, teach you something new, and even gain you a great new contact like it has for me.

In my last post here, I took on a speech of Steve Jobs’ about intelligence and success, and to be intelligent he said, you need to make innovate connections. Now innovative connections come from varied experiences from out of the normal and thats just what I’ve had here… so my advice to you, take the advice of me and Steve and get as many experiences as you can, take every opportunity you can. And you never know, they might just be as beneficial to you, as mine has been to me.

Wrote by Joe Brown