3 Keys To Upcoming Exam Season Success

ExamsIt’s that time of year again, exam season is fast approaching and come of you will be taking your exams over the next couple of weeks. Your daily lives will be heating up now and you’ll be revising and working ready for a good run come exam day.

You’ll be revising hard, working hard and feeling the strain… but today I wanted to let you know of my 3 keys for you and for your exam season success.

They’re simple things, things you already know I’m sure. But when we dive a little deeper into them together, you’ll come to see why they could be so important to your success over the next couple of coming weeks ahead.

Vision, Reason and Focus are the reasons we succeed in life and for exams it’s no different. It’s from immense Vision, Drive and Focus for a subject (and not just in a educational way) that we go on to succeed.

In this post, I’ll talk you through these 3 factors and why these simple acts are the keys to your success in the forth-coming exam season.

Develop Your Vision

Tony Robbins once said, “If you want to change an area, you do 3 things: Number 1, you focus on it and get a clear and compelling vision of what you want.”

We can learn a lot from this because in my experience, vision is the single most important physiological thing. During my exams, I gained an immense vision for myself and my success to come and fully immersed myself in it.

Without that initial vision for what was my future exam season success, I doubt I would ever have left my exams with the grades and success I did. If you have no vision for the future, then why are you going to work your butt of now to achieve it? Without a vision, you have no compelling clue of what exactly it is you want to achieve.

You must develop your vision for and following your exams, and really immerse yourself in it. Only then will you be able to carry on to my second key for exam season success.

Discover Your Why

So you have your vision for the next 4-8 weeks and you have a vision following it, but why? Why do you want this? Even if you don’t, something I commonly found in some of the subjects I studied as a student, you still have to find reasons why.

You’ve studied for at least 4-5, probably mostly boring years, so you may as well finish on a high now right? You’re favourite and most relevant subjects are easy to find a why for, but those that you dislike or feel you have no reason to need them in the future? Well guess what, you still need to pass them too; so discover your why.

If there’s something in your vision, you must discover a why. You must have an emotional and a logical reason for completing it because it’s that reason behind your vision that you will focus on in the next few weeks coming and that will drive you to your exam season success.

Focus On Your How

Now, you know what, you know why, but how? How will you do this, how will you achieve the vision which you know you want and how will you achieve your exam season success?

Well, focus is the key my friend, because with immersion in your vision and focus on the topic you want improve upon, you really can achieve anything. “You gotta be determined that no matter what it takes, you’re not going to stop, you’re not going to quit, you’re not going to give up until you make your dream become a reality.” Says Eric Thomas, author of The Secret to Success.

When you immerse yourself into your vision, feel emotionally backed by your why and focus on that end goal of your forth-coming success. When you work hard and are determined that no matter what it takes you will meet your vision; then it’s in that state of mind that you’ll accomplish great things and inevitably achieve your exam season success.


A+ grade written on a test paper.So I wish you luck with your exams and wish you luck with my 3 keys to exam season success. Exams are in many ways irrelevant to your long term, bigger picture of success, but for now they are important and for now, after 4-7 years studying are something worth finishing off.

I wish you luck and I hope you well. Develop and use your vision, reason and focus and I am certain that you will succeed over the upcoming exam season.

Wrote by Joe Brown  -  Follow Me