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“Education Kills Creativity” – Do Schools Kill Our Innovation?

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People assume that to be educated, we must be schooled. Or that the two terms are the same thing. And yet, what we often ignore, is the fact that many of the idols we look up to and learn from were high school drop-outs themselves; such as Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

What is an Education?

To be educated, by dictionary definition, is to ‘show evidence of schooling, training or experience’. To be schooled is vastly different. Being schooled has nothing to do with gaining knowledge useful outside the classroom. It is the process of being sat down in a classroom, surrounded by the same people, in the same clothes, drip fed the same information that the same lecturer taught the year before, day in, day out. The same.

Hardly inspiring. Hardly an experience. Hardly the creative person’s dream. » Read more..