Sleep for Success – How Much Sleep Do I Need? Answered.

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Sleep is a part of our daily lives that many of us simply don’t think about or think of as important, but maybe were wrong. Sleep has been scientifically tested as one of the most important times in our day, supporting our body and mind to mend and evolve into something able to act and react back in the real world. But with such importance, it’s hard to understand why so many people ignore their sleep for success.

According to The Huffington Post, 1 in 3 Americans suffers with sleep deprivation, only being made worse by the media and its focus on the famous and their astounding quotes on sleep for success. Some of these people include the following…

Successful People with Bad Sleeping Habits

Donald Trump

Trump gets only 3-5 hours of asleep a night and believes his success is down to this and it’s help in keeping him ahead of the competition.

Barack Obama

Obama gets around 6 hours sleep; unless disturbed, reportedly going to bed at about 1:00 a.m. and getting back up again at 7:oo a.m. Aides to the president have to constantly decide whether a crisis or issue is big enough to wake the president from his few hours of sleep.

Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher was reported by the BBC to of got by on just four hours of sleep a night while in office. Astonishing.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, founder of the online news paper ‘The Huffington Post’ once used to get only 4 hours sleep, but after a hard lesson caused by a lack of sleep, she say’s she “rediscovered sleep” and now gets between 7 or 8.

What Sleep Do I Get?

I get between 7-8 hours sleep on most working night and find this to be work perfect. I get plenty of sleep, take no naps and feel wide awake all day long, yet still have plenty of time for my work and to write for this website!

Why We Need Sleep for Success

After fainting from exhaustion and hitting her head on a desk, resulting in a broke cheekbone and four stitches on her eye, Arianna Huffington rediscovered her sleep for success. She says she has had the best of years since then, “being more creative, more productive and less reactive” than ever.

“You know all those clichés?” Huffington said following her accident, “That sleep is for losers, or I’ll sleep when I die, forget that, sleep deprivation is for losers. Sleep deprived people make the wrong decisions. They miss the whispers and the signs and red flags.”

And so, as Arianna explains… sleep is extremely important for our minds, and hugely affects us in our abilities to act and react when we’re out of the land of nod and back in the real world.

But sleep is not only vital to keep us awake and functioning properly in the day, but it has many other effects on us and our bodies to. Some of these effects are explained below.

The Effects of Sleep for Success

  • Sleep affects our ability to learn, and poor sleeping habits can make us sleepy and unable to properly consume and store information.
  • A lack of sleep can affect our abilities to judge and assess situations, thus affecting the actions and calls we make based on them. This could disastrously affect our lives and the lives of others in a huge way.
  • Sleep enables our bodies to relax and rebuild, fixing any damage to our body physically and developing our minds mentally.
  • The development of our brain is mostly done in our sleep and a well-developed brain means a better ability to succeed back in the real world.

Now You & Your Sleep

So if you get low amounts of sleep, or possibly even to much, then change your ways and get the right amount. Not everybody is the same, but 7-9 hours is the recommended amount for adults and is exactly what I would suggest. You may have less time in your awakened day, but you can receive the benefits of more sleep and just be more time efficient with the time left that you do have!

Concluding Sleep for Success

And to conclude, sleep is certainly a huge importance in our life and success; a lack of which can easily affect us disastrously. But by taking the correct steps and making sure that we sleep for at least 7-9hours a night, we can ensure our journey to success as one much more stable and less accident prone then that of the people I listed before.

They may have had more awake time in there lives, but if you get your time management right, you can not only get as much done, but also reap the benefits of getting more sleep for success.

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How much sleep do you get? And how important do you think it and its effects on you are? Let us know in the comments below!

Wrote by Joe Brown