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Philosophy: Where & Why Philosophy is Important to Greatness (An Intro)

Personal PhilosophyBefore we start this post and in fact this series, I must say, I’m no philosopher and I have no degree in Philosophy… however, what I do have is an inspired mind and one full of real life philosophy – yet one that’s still learning and developing today.

I’ve been studying philosophy and the philosophies of people all my life, without even realizing it. And so have you. When we grow up, we grow up developing our philosophies, which will guide us for the whole of our lives, based on the philosophies we see and perceive of others around us.

We are what we are from both nature and nurture, but I believe our philosophy comes mostly from the nurture, from our environment, from the people that surround us.

Jim Rohn, not a philosopher but certainly a man with a great philosophy once said, “Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.” » Read more..

Understanding Fundamental Skills: Are Talents A Product of Nature or Nurture?

For as long as there has been recognition of talent, there has been wonder and debate surrounding the causes of such excellence. Do we learn to flourish in art, business and literature? Or are we born with a preparedness to excel? I can’t provide a definite answer to this question (nobody can and ever will) but what I can do for you today is open your mind to both sides of the argument and help you understand the importance of both talent and practise for the potential world changer.

The Nature Nurture Debate

Our brains are complex organisms. We may not be able to shape how they work, but through a greater understanding of the brain we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves, how we work and how we can be the best person that we can be. And that’s what self-development is all about.

Are We Born Talented?

The Nature Debate…

The human brain is divided into two sides; the left hemisphere (which deals with logic and analysis) and the right hemisphere (which deals with innovation and thought).  Both of these hemispheres are equally as important as the other in our basic, daily functioning and therefore communication between the sides is vital; a role handed to a bundle of nerve fibres called the Corpus Callosum. So what does this have to do with talent? » Read more..

Being Perfectly Prioritised: How To Achieve Work-Life Balance Today…

Work Life Balance AchievementCareers and ambitions are the recipe for the perfect entrepreneur. And as potential world changers, it is forever being drilled into our minds that the only way towards these successful futures we desire is dedication, work ethic and determination. But although entrepreneurs are a different breed of person, you could argue, we are still a person and our spiritual development and wellbeing are just as important to our daily lives as that of a stay-at-home-mother.

Although focus reaps results even if we neglect the reason as to why we’re focusing on what we are, it can lead to stress if we don’t, and stress reduces our productivity severely. Yet time and time again we hear of people, who push themselves so much towards the future that they in turn push themselves away from the people that shaped their present.

Sound familiar? Then read on! There are twenty four hours in a day. That’s plenty of time to enjoy both styles of life, to keep your family, your friends, you wife close. But to also keep your work at the highest levels in terms of quality and quantity. So here are my top tips for shaping the perfect work-life balance. » Read more..

America, Art & Andy Warhol: The Man Behind the Pop Art Revolution…


Don’t think about making art just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.   – Andy Warhol

The Man Behind the Paintings: Who is Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol is one of the most influential (and controversial) artists of all time; most famous for his pioneering of the Pop Art movement. Before Warhol’s time, the visual arts movement was restricted in the sense that it ignored modern and consumerism elements. But now, Pop Art is one of the most popular and celebrated forms of art today. And that’s because of Warhol’s exploration into celebrity culture and advertisement. » Read more..

Failure is Good: Why Failure is Good for the Self-Developer

Failure is GoodAn Introduction: What brought me to write this post today? 

No society rewards failure like it rewards success, because if we rewarded failure… then success in itself would be quite pointless! But the truth is that failure is good and failures are just as important as achievements in the creation of a unique nation or individual‘s success and I say this because failures, are learning curves. They teach us where we went wrong, so that we know what to right the next time and fundamentally, this teaching shapes the person we are today.

So Why Do We Push Failure Aside?

We neglect failures because they don’t make good history. Nobody wants to read about where their country went wrong, or where their idols fell down. The same way nobody wants to read about why their failing their exams or why their manuscript just isn’t up to scratch.

But history is still history. And failures are still failures. They still happened. And they have still shaped the world we live in today. So this post is all about why failure can actually be a great benefit to the self-developer and why we should never ignore our failures. Hopefully it will bring confidence to those of you who are currently at a low point in their life journey or just about to take their next big leap. » Read more..

Thomas Edison: The Man Who Lit The World… Life & Lessons

Time Thomas Edison Holding Light BulbWe’ve all heard of Thomas Edison, the iconic inventor, businessman and world changer, placed up there with the likes of Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein. During his lifetime, he created some world changing inventions; such as the light bulb, and began industries; such as playable (on-demand) music, which we would be unable to live without today.

Thomas Edison achieved a huge amount in his life and did a lot for the human race. He once said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” and think we can all learn something from the great inventor, visionary and businessman he was.

Thomas Edison: Life Biography

Thomas Alva Edison was born on the 11th February 1847 in Milan, Ohio to parents Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr. and Nancy Mathews Elliot. His father was of Canadian origin but was forced to run away from Canada following his part in the unsuccessful Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837. » Read more..

Movies of Inspiration: A Walk to Remember

If your in need of some reminding key life lessons of love, life and mortality… this film is the one for you. Showing the life changing story of a misled boy, he turns his life around from the joker of the class to a future success, following the meeting and journey of a life with his complete opposite.

If you’re looking for an inspirational film of life and life, then is the one. It represent a whole lot of life lessons and does so, leaving you in a state of reflection on your own life and what the future of it could hold in store for you.

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Taking A Bite of the Big Apple Life & Achieving the American Dream

The definition of the ‘American Dream’ is uncertain, because it depends on what your definition of ‘Dream’ is. You must ask yourself, “what is my American Dream?”

Martin Luther King’s American dream was racial equality. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s American dream was to bring fair-trade ice cream to the world, and Walt Disney’s American dream was to be a successful movie animator.

Your ‘American Dream’ could be anything of the successful nature. It doesn’t matter. What ties all American dreamers together is their combined desire in achieving the American dream in what they do best.

What is My American Dream?

My American Dream

The American dream is fundamentally an ‘ideology traditionally shared by all US citizens’ which believes that every individual; rich, poor, black, white, male, or female has the freedom and the opportunity to prosper, because achieving the American dream comes through hard work and perseverance. And these are two qualities that are not subjective to their developer.

» Read more..

An Extraordinary World of Trade – Why I’m Inspired by Our Modern World

Human Impact on Earth - Being Inspired by the Human Civilisation of our WorldOur world is constantly evolving; while we eat, while sleep and while we work. We all play our part in the development of the human civilisation, some more so than others, but non the less, we all play a part. Lorry drivers transport the goods we rely on while we sleep, power workers secure our power for both now and the future while we work and our military keeps us safe from threats around the world, 24 hours a day.

However, the above is nothing new, it’s specialisation, the division of labour, and something which has been occurring and progressing ever since the very first human began to walk on this earth thousands of years ago. » Read more..

Walt Disney: A Magician Frozen in Time… Life & Lessons

Note: This post is one of a series covering the lives and lessons from a variety of the world most successful and world changing people. Other posts in this series can be found here.

The Magic of Creation…

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths

- Walt Disney

Just like the word ‘success’, ‘create’ means something different to everyone.

Walt Disney in colour

In my mind, creating is bringing colour and new knowledge to a life outside of our own, in a way that’s just that little bit better than how it was brought to you originally. Inspired by past characters, and inspiring future characters if you like. In your mind it may stand for something slightly different. But we can all agree on one thing; that the world would be a very dull and unchanging place without the ability (or hunger) to create.

Walt Disney, is one of my favourite examples of ‘creators’. Because Walt Disney stands strong, not just as a philanthropist of movies, but as a recognised hero to all worlds of people; children and adults alike. Almost every child knows Mickey Mouse. Almost every child has watched a Disney movie and smiled and laughed and learned from what they see, their lives touched by Walt Disney’s fingertips, and a better place because of it.

Disney continues to win the hearts of children globally as a result of his unique, revolutionary and creative works even forty-seven years after his death. His dream was to make life more enjoyable and to discover a new way to tell and to teach. He dedicated his own life to pioneer the field of animation and fulfil this cause. As a result Walt Disney is remembered, idolised and forever living on in the memories and hearts of the minds he captured.

This is all about how you can learn from the life he lead. » Read more..