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America, Art & Andy Warhol: The Man Behind the Pop Art Revolution…


Don’t think about making art just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.   – Andy Warhol

The Man Behind the Paintings: Who is Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol is one of the most influential (and controversial) artists of all time; most famous for his pioneering of the Pop Art movement. Before Warhol’s time, the visual arts movement was restricted in the sense that it ignored modern and consumerism elements. But now, Pop Art is one of the most popular and celebrated forms of art today. And that’s because of Warhol’s exploration into celebrity culture and advertisement. » Read more..

Taking A Bite of the Big Apple Life & Achieving the American Dream

The definition of the ‘American Dream’ is uncertain, because it depends on what your definition of ‘Dream’ is. You must ask yourself, “what is my American Dream?”

Martin Luther King’s American dream was racial equality. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s American dream was to bring fair-trade ice cream to the world, and Walt Disney’s American dream was to be a successful movie animator.

Your ‘American Dream’ could be anything of the successful nature. It doesn’t matter. What ties all American dreamers together is their combined desire in achieving the American dream in what they do best.

What is My American Dream?

My American Dream

The American dream is fundamentally an ‘ideology traditionally shared by all US citizens’ which believes that every individual; rich, poor, black, white, male, or female has the freedom and the opportunity to prosper, because achieving the American dream comes through hard work and perseverance. And these are two qualities that are not subjective to their developer.

» Read more..

Walt Disney: A Magician Frozen in Time… Life & Lessons

Note: This post is one of a series covering the lives and lessons from a variety of the world most successful and world changing people. Other posts in this series can be found here.

The Magic of Creation…

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths

- Walt Disney

Just like the word ‘success’, ‘create’ means something different to everyone.

Walt Disney in colour

In my mind, creating is bringing colour and new knowledge to a life outside of our own, in a way that’s just that little bit better than how it was brought to you originally. Inspired by past characters, and inspiring future characters if you like. In your mind it may stand for something slightly different. But we can all agree on one thing; that the world would be a very dull and unchanging place without the ability (or hunger) to create.

Walt Disney, is one of my favourite examples of ‘creators’. Because Walt Disney stands strong, not just as a philanthropist of movies, but as a recognised hero to all worlds of people; children and adults alike. Almost every child knows Mickey Mouse. Almost every child has watched a Disney movie and smiled and laughed and learned from what they see, their lives touched by Walt Disney’s fingertips, and a better place because of it.

Disney continues to win the hearts of children globally as a result of his unique, revolutionary and creative works even forty-seven years after his death. His dream was to make life more enjoyable and to discover a new way to tell and to teach. He dedicated his own life to pioneer the field of animation and fulfil this cause. As a result Walt Disney is remembered, idolised and forever living on in the memories and hearts of the minds he captured.

This is all about how you can learn from the life he lead. » Read more..

Aspergers Week: 20 Aspergers Famous People Who We All Know

Note: This post is the first of a series of posts for our ‘Aspergers Week‘ set. To read the following posts in the series click here or subscribe.

So in the last post of our ‘Asperger’s Week’ Series, Aimee spoke here about Asperger’s as whole. She introduced us all to the difference, briefly covering a few people who have been proved to have or to have had it and talked about how we can learn from them and their differences.

Now, she covered a few of these people before but in this post I’d like to cover more of these famous and successful Aspergers people individually. But first of all, in case you didn’t read her previous post or simply don’t know, here’s a quick recap on Aspergers. » Read more..

Run for a Reason: My 5 Reasons to Run

Ellie Goudling Running for Success & Running for a Reason

Running is an individual (but sometimes partnered) sport based on speed, strength, stamina and most often high levels of determination. Although not for everyone, running is a hobby or even addiction that many of the worlds successful people take part in.

Inventor of the hugely successful Dyson vacuum, James Dyson has previously told FT’s weekend magazine that he’d “think nothing of a 6-mile run before breakfast”. And James isn’t the only one, with the well known UK singer Ellie Goulding consistently making it clear of her joys and addiction to running, even posting the following video about it for Nike’s #LetsTurnItUp event.

And so, it’s clear that there must be some reasons to run and many connections between running and success. So why do they run and why should you run to? Read on to find out my five reasons to run for success! » Read more..

Refresh The Mind – For A More Direct Route To Success

Refreshing the Mind through Meditation Ever feel the need to relax your thinking and refresh the mind? You feel your attitude to life slipping or your vision for the future becoming blurred? Then you should take a break, kick it all out and refresh the mind.

The simplicity of something such as a train ride and its effect on the brain can be all that’s needed to change your mindset and vision on life, and to look forward on it in a new light.

I frequently catch the train, sometimes for short journeys just to Birmingham and back and sometimes further (like right now!) The great thing about train rides, is other then the short bursts of thinking to check where you are and when you need to get off or change, you can simply relax, look out of the window and watch the world go by. » Read more..

Steve Jobs – How To Be Intelligent

Steve Jobs Academy of Achievement

“Have you ever thought about what it is to be intelligent?” Steve once said at The American Academy of Achievement many years ago. Speaking on general success, as well as life impacts on the world, innovation and creativity, Steve explained his views on what it really is to be intelligent.


To begin with, Steve suggests how memory is often an important and in fact vital factor of intelligence, saying “It seems to me, a lot of it seems to be memory.” Although this is not his main point, it is certainly one to recognise.

After all, every bit of information we know is stored in our memory. It’s something that a lack of would destroy us, but that with good levels of can also enhance and improve us. » Read more..

The Best Way To Succeed – Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

Learn fast, fail fast, correct fast, and connect faster"

Fail fast“ is a phrase heard said often by successful people all over the world, but up until the last few weeks was a phrase I never really fully understood. I mean, not to say I didn’t understand the words, I did, I just hadn’t gained my own meaning for the term itself. But on a trip to Campus London a few weeks ago it all slipped into place.

Campus London is a seven story building in East-London run by Google for Entrepreneurs. It offers area’s for tech entrepreneurs and innovators to meet, socialise and develop. While there, both myself and Aimee received several talks and meets from a variety of entrepreneurs including a video conference with the head of the Campus . » Read more..

Zeeshaan Shah on Success – A Special Interview


Zeeshaan Shah, also known as Zee, is well accustomed to success and its traits regardless of his latest loss at the firing of himself by Alan Sugar in this years Apprentice. Zee, asserting himself as an “over achiever” and “a man of principles” on the show has previously dealt in many higher level management teams in the UK and made huge success in the Dubai property scene.

After taking hold of the reins in Episode 5 of the series, it all ended bad for Zee after team mistakes were made. Zee was a charismatic guy throughout but was often criticised for his high levels of self belief, stating at one point “I’m a believer in my own power and I believe that what ever my mind can conceive, I can achieve.” This just shows the kind of man were talking about and I believe the kind of man due to succeed.

I found Zee to have the mindset of a winner; even wearing a shirt stating “Life’s a competition” at one point. And so, intrigued by his mindset and risk taking success in the Dubai property market, I got in touch asking for his top three tips for success; and here they are from the man himself. » Read more..