Inspirational Playlist: Introduction & Set One

Inspirational PlaylistOnce upon a time you could buy cassettes of inspirational tapes, speeches and songs, but not anymore. Or well, I’m sure you can, but why would you? Today we’re in the age of digital!

Today I have an ‘Inspirational Playlist’ on my iPhone which includes all sorts of tapes, songs and speeches that I find inspirational to me. Songs, soundtracks and speeches from people like Bob Marley, Jim Rohn, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama are all included in my inspirational playlist and it’s this playlist which I would like to begin to share with you today.

I keep this playlist now, because there is so much material out there to watch and listen to, and keeping it all in one place, accessible and playable at any time is a great way to be inspired and has been the best way I’ve found for me, to come back to the real world of positivity and inspiration. They say you become who you surround yourself with and in a way, by listening to my playlist I surround myself with some of the most successful and inspiration people in the world.

I first kept and inspirational playlist on YouTube in which I dumped all and any videos I found and felt inspiring, However, I came to realise this wasn’t always a reliable source and not the best way to listen to the playlist. So I developed on that idea and came to using a YouTube converter, converting any video soundtracks I found inspiring into an MP3 Format and then putting them into an Inspirational Playlist of my phone instead.

10 Soundtracks from my Inspirational Playlist

In the list below, I’ll list and include some of the songs, videos and speeches from my Inspirational Playlist and insert the videos for each to. Please remember these are soundtracks/videos inspirational to me and for you, other types of inspiration may suit.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you find a little inspirational too! If so, these are only a few of soundtracks from my playlist, why not look at more in my other posts here.

1. Everybody’s Free (To Where Sunglasses) – Baz Luhrmann
2. Hall of Fame – The Script
3. Steve Jobs – Tribute Mix
4. We Don’t Eat – James Vincent McMorrow
5. Hand Covers Remix – Jim Rohn
6. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
7. 100 Years – Five for Fighting
8. Are You Wasting A Day – Jim Rohn
9. Viva La Vida – Coldplay
10. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Thanks for viewing and listening to the above soundtracks from my Inspirational Playlist. If you enjoyed them and would like to see more, then check out other posts from our ‘Inspirational Playlist’ series here and remember you could always create your own!

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