6 Top Tips For… Listening – How To Improve Your Listening Skills Today

Being a good listener is very important when your striving for success because the world around us is what provides the opportunities, the stepping stones for us to achieve. Whether your just talking to a friend or being interviewed by a future boss, effective communication nearly always ends up with effective results. Take a look at these top tips to see how you can develop a great, quality set of listening skills.

1. Make Eye Contact

Eye contacts for listeningEye contact is a communication skill that can be used to both captivate an audience and to confirm understanding.

It’s easy to show that your connecting with the speaker and not bored by what their saying, if you look directly at them. It also shows confidence and respect. So unless your talking to a Superhero, don’t study the roof when communicating.

2. Nod To Confirm Your Understanding

Make sure that the person speaking knows that they have your full attention. Remember that 93% of communication is non-verbal. By dedicating yourself to the speaker chances are that your quality of conversation will be higher, so it’s important that you remain of the person you are talking with as your own body language. What I’m trying to say is, nod but don’t become a bobble head.

3. Ask The Right Questions

To get a specific answer start questions with ‘who’ ‘what’ where’ or ‘give me three reasons why…’ If your going into a conversation with a purpose, you may want to consider these questions before hand. Questions are a great way to show that you’re an independent thinker, and one who is willing to learn and develop as a person.

4. Don’t Interrupt People

 If you take the time to listen to someone, chances are that they will take the time to listen to you too. So, although it’s great to relate to someone, if you over identify (or equally, over contradict) them then they may shut down to you.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Notes

If someone has something of value to say, write it down! It’ll not only benefit you by listing your ideas when they’re still fresh in your mind, but it will also make the speaker feel quite valuable to you and more likely to share information to you again.

6) Always Know What Your Listening For

If you go into a conversation needing to know something, then make sure your aware of what that something is. We may listen to learn, to understand, to enjoy or obtain information. Whatever your purpose, keep it in mind.

Most successful people are successful because they listened and learned to the knowledge, mistakes and experiences of other people. When following these tips in day to day life consider the importance of other people in being the best that you can be. Good luck!

Wrote by Aimee Hall