Exercise: Brainstorming an Overview of The Life You Want

To build a life overview sheet, including your life goals, I find the brainstorming technique most effective. It’s a good idea when planning to just do a simple sketch of our ideal life.

When outlining your life, it’s a good idea to include the different categories of life such as Wealth, Business/Other life importance, Relationships (Split into: Family, Friends, and Others), Giving Back, & Well-being (Split into: Physical, and Mental) coming off from the centre ‘bubble’ labelled with something like “My Life”.

This could be similar to the following image:

Once you have created this frame work, you can then begin adding your goals and values (that you plan to gain or keep to) on each of the corresponding bubbles. For instance, coming off of the bubble “Giving Back” on mine I have: “Be a good role model” and “Influence/mentor a child into life/business success”. I think this overviews my aims for the next x amount of years for this category of giving back very well; without going into to much detail for each of the aims.

Hopefully this exercise will help you to gather an outline of your life. It doesn’t take long, but it’s a great way to define your direction and motivate yourself. But remember, these aims can change at any time! You should repeat this exercise every few months.

Wrote by Joe Brown