An Extraordinary World of Trade – Why I’m Inspired by Our Modern World

Human Impact on Earth - Being Inspired by the Human Civilisation of our WorldOur world is constantly evolving; while we eat, while sleep and while we work. We all play our part in the development of the human civilisation, some more so than others, but non the less, we all play a part. Lorry drivers transport the goods we rely on while we sleep, power workers secure our power for both now and the future while we work and our military keeps us safe from threats around the world, 24 hours a day.

However, the above is nothing new, it’s specialisation, the division of labour, and something which has been occurring and progressing ever since the very first human began to walk on this earth thousands of years ago.

But over the last century and in particular the last several decades since the developments in china, the middle-east, technology, engineering and increases in the world population and its demand for goods on the go… we have seen, or in fact many of us haven’t seen, a secret revolution going on through containers.

Thousands of companies and vessels around the globe, such as Maersk the world’s largest container shipping company, move mountains every year, for us, the human race. And in fact, Maersk Line moves “cargo which would be much bigger than Mount Everest” says Vince Clerk, head of the Asia-Europe Trade in the ‘We Are Maersk Corporate Video’ shown below.

Over the last few days, Maersk and it’s operations have come to my attention several times. On Wednesday I watched Captain Phillips, the 2013 film about the Somali pirate hijacking and following hostage situation onboard the Maersk Alabama in the Gulf of Aden a few years ago. Following that I was inspired and looked into Maersk a little more, and Thursday Maersk and its industry came up once more in my economics class.

Then last night I found this great video (shown above) while YouTube searching, showing the extraordinary work that Maersk and all other shipping companies do to keep our world moving along and our civilisation developing to ever-greater levels for the future.

Why Am I Inspired?

Well, I’ve forever been an understander and considered from an early age the world outside of mine. The world which is outside of my view, my community and the work going on in places that I’ve never been to before in my life. And while this view of the world seems to me like a rare thing amongst the people I know, I feel that what I see is an inspiration and opens my eyes, even if only in my mind, to the real and great opportunities that last outside of my local comfort zone and surrounding community.

This video shows only a small segment of the modern and developing world we live in, it demonstrates only a few of the great abilities which we have come to by working together, and progressing and creating an ever better world for the next generation to follow. But it shows how as humans, teams, and the great race we have come to be, we can conquer just about anything, and how as an individual our work can fit into this bigger picture and make the world a better place like Maersk does everyday with its shipping.


Vince Clerk says in the video “They’re taking for granted now that we’re able to deliver what we promise. It’s difficult for us, it’s easy for them and that’s what it should be about.” Highlighting again, how a single company such as Maersk is secretly and non-recognisably playing its part in the world, the world market and the development of the world, its nations and its people for the future.

“As the world and Maersk change, one thing remains constant. Our way of doing business.” Says the Narrator towards the end of the video. “The basic principle is, that people can trust us. The authorities can trust us, our employees can trust us, and the business connections can trust us. The world should be a bond.” says Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller.

And that’s just it, a bond, the world is a bond, one that’s being bonding ever closer over the last few decades and one that I believe will continue to bond even further throughout the rest of our lifetimes.

To be part of this bond, this global development and to be a part of the human civilization making this planet ever better for the future, I am proud. I am inspired and I believe I will be forever internally motivated to play my part in it. Will you?

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