Aspergers Week: 20 Aspergers Famous People Who We All Know

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So in the last post of our ‘Asperger’s Week’ Series, Aimee spoke here about Asperger’s as whole. She introduced us all to the difference, briefly covering a few people who have been proved to have or to have had it and talked about how we can learn from them and their differences.

Now, she covered a few of these people before but in this post I’d like to cover more of these famous and successful Aspergers people individually. But first of all, in case you didn’t read her previous post or simply don’t know, here’s a quick recap on Aspergers.

What is Asperger’s? (Just a Recap!)

Asperger’s is a condition, or a difference. It’s a medically recognised difference, one seen in the mind-sets and psychology of a rare few but from which many of the achievers our world has seenhave come from. Although there is no rule to say you must have this difference to be successful, and in fact there are many more people who have succeeded without it then with, I believe it is some of the characteristics to this difference which could have made some of the people listed below the successes and world changers they are.

What are the Main Characteristics of People with Asperger’s?

Well, of course with all psychology, no two people are the same and Aspie’s are no different. People with Asperger’s can vary in characteristics just like anyone, but research has shown quite a number of key characteristics commonly seen in the group. Some of these are listed below:

  • They find social situations confusing.
  • They don’t enjoy imaginative story writing.
  • They’re literal thinkers.
  • They find it hard to make small talk.
  • They often do certain things in an inflexible, repetitive way.
  • They find repetitive routines provide them with security.
  • They often stress when a routine suddenly changes.
  • They can have a lack of empathy for others.
  • They find it hard to understand what others are thinking/feeling.
  • They have a difficulty making social friends.
  • They have unusually strong & focused interests.
  • They can focus on certain things for very long periods.
  • Good at picking up details and facts.
  • Have normal to above normal intelligence.
  • Highly logical thinking.

20 Aspergers Famous People We All Know

So now you know what Asperger’s is and some of the characteristics they most commonly have, below is a list of 20 people who we all should know and who have or had Asperger’s. By knowing these people, their achievements and their common characteristics you should gain an insight into them and their lives, and this could even help you in yours. Here goes…

1. Albert Einstein (Suspected)– The Scientist who wrote the theory of relativity. He is suspected of having Asperger’s showing the recognised traits of: a late onset of speech; a dislike for intimacy; having no friends as a child; obsessively repeating sentences and points; having a hate for wearing irritating socks and clothes; being a genius; and appearing to be in his own world.

2. Abraham Lincoln – The 16th President of the United States, serving America through its civil war and abolishing slavery. He was later assassinated in April 1865.

3. Andy Warhol (Suspected) – An American artist who was a leading artist in the visual art movement known as pop art, who’s work especially flourished in the 1960s. He is suspected of Asperger’s by showing the following traits of: obsession; producing distinctive artwork; having unusual behaviours; odd relationships; and an eccentric way.

4. Isaac Newton (Suspected) – An English physicist and mathematician who is regarded as one of the most influential people of all time and a key person in the scientific revolution. He is suspected of Asperger’s having showed the following traits of: an inability to accept rules which appeared illogical; having awkward social skills; and a rigid language.

5. Thomas Edison – An American inventor and businessman who invented many world changing devices including the motion picture camera and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb.

6. Thomas Jefferson (Suspected) – An American Founding Father, the principle author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States. He is Suspected of Asperger’s having showed the following recognised traits: Being shy; Having an inability to relate to people; Being a poor public speaker; Being sensitive to loud noises; Poor Eye Contact; and being a Genius.

7. Vincent Van Gogh – A post-impressionist painter whose work had great effect on its viewers and an even wider reaching effect on the art of the 20th-century.

8. Al Gore (Suspected) – Al Gore is an American politician and philanthropist who served as the 45th Vice President of the United States. He was suspected of Asperger’s showing the common Traits of: Obsession; Social Awkwardness; an Inability to relate and speak with others on their level; and being intelligent.

9. Bob Dylan (Suspected) – One of the most famous and influential musicians we know. Bob Dylan is suspected of Asperger’s showing the recognised traits of an intense focus in his life on the writing of songs and poems with little interest in much else and his ability to create his own abstract world through his gift of music.

10. Charles Dickens – An English writer of the 1800’s who created some of the world’s best fictional characters.

11. Bill Gates (Suspected) – An American businessman, investor, computer programmer, inventor and philanthropist. Founder of the Technology company Microsoft, he was once named for a number of years running as the richest man in the world. Gates is suspected of having Asperger’s showing the following related traits of: A Rocking Motion; Being socially Awkward; A lack of tone in his voice; High intelligence; and a single-minded focus.

12. Charles Darwin – A world-influencing scientist who published the theory of Evolution.

13. Wolfgang Mozart – A world class classical composer, who showed great ability in music from his early childhood.

14. Ludwig Van Beethoven – Another great composer of classical music who is recognised as one of the most famous and influential of all classical composers and pianists.

15. Michael Jackson – An American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman and philanthropist. He was known world wide for his music and dance, most recognised by his initials MJ or nickname the “King of Pop”.

16. Henry Ford (Suspected) – Ford was an American industrialist and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, the founding company of the mass production assembly line technique. He is suspected of Asperger’s having showed the common traits of: a literal attitude and thoughts; the inability to understand or tolerate other perspectives; and a rigid belief system.

17. Sir Alfred Hitchcock KBE – A director and producer of the past who pioneered and had a huge influence on the techniques in the suspense and thriller genres of film. Hitchcock’s films are still some of the best known and most popular of all time.

18. Mark Zuckerberg – The creator of the worlds most successful social network, Facebook. He was once named the youngest billionaire in the world and many of his Asperger’s recognised traits are shown in the film “The Social Network” which shows the story and beginning of Facebook and his success with it.

19. Nikola Tesla – Tesla was one of the first inventors and engineers to work with and contribute to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system, inevitably changing the world for the future.

20. Steven Spielberg – One of the most successful American film directors, a producer and business magnate. Spielberg was diagnosed as an adult with the recognised characteristics of odd social tendencies, a childhood obsession for film making, and being considered eccentric by others.

So now you know 20 of the worlds most successful and world influencing people who had or have Asperger’s. By knowing about these people, there backgrounds and there common and not-so-common famous Aspie characteristics, I believe and hope you to can learn, develop, and create something of worth.

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Wrote by Joe Brown