The Power of Wallpaper Inspiration: My 9 Best Motivational Wallpapers

Explore WallpaperDesktop Wallpapers are actually very personal things, but the best motivational wallpapers can also be very impacting to. You may only see it for a few seconds before your desktop is covered in windows and tabs once more, but perhaps a those few seconds of what I call, wallpaper inspiration, is all you need to refresh your mind and start the day on the right foot.

The Best Motivational Wallpapers can be of anything and still be motivational to you; after all, everybody is different! However for me, I’m inspired by many things and often go through little cycles of them to, but human civilization and the wonders of the world (Something I touched on in my last post here: An Extraordinary World of Trade: Why I’m Inspired By Our Modern World) have always been a huge inspiration for me.

Thus, my favourite and best motivational wallpapers include those of places such as New York, Monaco, Bridges, and many more of the extraordinary achievements of man. I also have a passion for boating and the water to, something you may also be able to see in my wallpaper inspiration selection below.

However, for you, your wallpaper inspiration could be anything! Perhaps and this is a typical one, but maybe you have a family and its them who inspires and motivates you the most, and its them who make you smile and the reason to work. If so, then a great family picture could be the one!

Whatever you decide and you probably already have, the power of your desktop wallpaper is real. It can be ignored or it can be embraced, but if you use your computer a lot like me, then you know which one is best.

My Best Motivational Wallpapers

Below is just a selection of my favorite and best motivational wallpapers, ones I use frequently to remind me of the extraordinary world we live in and the part I so dearly want to play in it. This is my wallpaper inspiration:

Monaco Marina by Night

Monaco Marina by Night Wallpaper

Lady Liberty Standing Tall

Lady Liberty Motivational Desktop Wallpaper

New York City at Dusk

New York at Dusk

Einstein Quote

Einstein Quote Best Motivational Wallpapers

Sunseeker Predator 130

Sunseeker Predator 130 Wallpaper

Across the River at Dusk (New York)

New York River Dusk Wallpaper


Explore Wallpaper

Another New York (Brooklyn) Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Desktop

The Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors Lake Wallpaper

By Joe Brown