Refresh The Mind – For A More Direct Route To Success

Refreshing the Mind through Meditation Ever feel the need to relax your thinking and refresh the mind? You feel your attitude to life slipping or your vision for the future becoming blurred? Then you should take a break, kick it all out and refresh the mind.

The simplicity of something such as a train ride and its effect on the brain can be all that’s needed to change your mindset and vision on life, and to look forward on it in a new light.

I frequently catch the train, sometimes for short journeys just to Birmingham and back and sometimes further (like right now!) The great thing about train rides, is other then the short bursts of thinking to check where you are and when you need to get off or change, you can simply relax, look out of the window and watch the world go by.

I personally find watching everybody move along and travel a very inspiring and interesting sight. To sit there quietly and watch all of the people and their life’s little journeys pass in one single carriage for some reason clears my mind of my own life, which helps me focus back on it later on.

Maybe that’s part of why cities and city people are generally so much more productive and quick to react over the country side? We’re inspired and motivated by playing our part in the system, the system of life and work. And when us city people take work out of the equation but keep life in it, we refresh the mind, our mind of the moment. Allowing us to take more definitive and positively focused steps in the near future.

So if your looking for a clearer vision of the future, with better prospects and thinking, take yourself out of your work life system and refresh the mind. Watch the world and its people go by and clear your mind of yourself and your work just for now. You’ll soon be much clearer and proactive from it!

Wrote by Joe Brown