Three Life Lessons From 1960’s Rock And Roll

The Beatles 1960's Rock and RollWhen rock and roll hit the USA it was met with both excitement and disgust from citizens across the globe. You either loved it or you hated it and there was no in-between.

Nowadays rock and roll is a given thing and over the decades following its birth into the world of music it has branched off into so many other genres including indie rock and roll, grunge and metal. But what can we learn from this rare and interesting case of creation?

Three Life Lessons from 1960′s Rock & Roll

1. Be Different & Others Will Follow…

Elvis Presley and The Beatles are just two examples of artists who shaped the world of music forever with their rock and roll influences. At the time many people, particularly the older generation, considered them to be strange… but nowadays we consider them legends and heroes. And a valuable lesson you can learn from this is… to take a risk!

If it hasn’t been done before, then it’s a scary process. You have nobody to compare your journey to. No way to see if you’re on the right track. No idea if the hard work is going to pay off or not. But you’re also making the most of your potential as a creator and to create is to invent. If you make the first move and your ideas are good, chances are that people will follow in your footsteps.

Elvis and The Beatles were pioneers. They didn’t know that they would be pioneers until the end of their careers, but they still took the risk. And if they hadn’t picked up their guitars and had instead followed the trends of the time, rock and roll probably wouldn’t exist today. With any amazing achievement, there is risk. What separates the successful from the not-so-successful is how willing you are to take that risk.

2. Every Field Builds on the Past for the Future…

What made the rock and roll artists of the sixties so successful was their ability to look at what the musical world already provided and what it could provide with their influence. There was music with guitars, but there wasn’t music with guitars and more realistic lyrics. That was what the future held in store.

This is true for any field. Before Thomas Edison’s time, people read by candlelight and he knew that, in the future, there could be a much easier way to light a room. Creation is all about the perfect equation, so make sure your work builds on the past and gives the future something to build upon.

The sixties was the turning point for the US and UK alike. People were taking more and more notice of other cultures around them and the world outside their own; musicians too. Never be afraid to take the time by the horns and use what you know to shape the future.

3. Art Can Aid Misery…

In the sixties more and more people were raising their voices and challenging the status quo – these artists noticed this. They noticed the challenge and decided to challenge the status quo themselves in order to tackle these issues including racism, sexism and homophobia in any way that they could.

In this sense, art is one of the greatest cures for mystery and one of the best ways to use the talents you have is to tackle and express your opinions on current issues. So be observant in your work, ensure it fits the mood of the time, the struggles of everyday society, and, most importantly, yourself.