Why You Should Write A Life Mission Statement

Life Mission StatementInspirational. Motivational. Directive, and guiding. Mission statements are used in all companies around the world. They are used to give an overviewing feel of the aims of the company and to give a sample of the companies philosophy. But not only can they be used for companies, but lives too!

I have long been using life mission statements to guide and motivate my life. Ever had one of those days where you feel lost? This statement will guide you in your actions. Maybe you have just broke up with your girlfriend?

A life mission statement like this will help your move on in your life and make the right choices for your future. It gives you a set of points that will motivate and inspire you to work ahead into the direction you want. A life mission statement is the best way to give an overview of the life you want and way you’ll be heading to get there.

Below is my life mission statement…

My Life Mission Statement

Taken from my notebook, the following is my life mission statement:

I will be a positive and driven individual who makes a great change to this world. I shall be a person of great success, who has lived life to the fullest by achieving and experiencing everything I ever dreamed of and set out to.

My life will be a journey of ups and downs, and side to sides. Full of happy times and hard ones, and all backed by hard work. But when it comes to an end, i’l wish it hadn’t and so will others around me.

I will end my life with great memories of my success, my experiences, my achievements and my journey. Leaving this earth as a recognized man and leaving a legacy that will be remembered and spoke about by people around the world for years to come.

Sounds a bit silly right? Like your speaking more about superman or something? I agree, but if superman was what you wanted to become then that would be fine!

If you want to be a globally successful entrepreneur like myself, who has not only made a success of himself, but helped made a success of others to, then the above statement would be fair. It may be far from where I am now, but thats the point. It’s a ‘life’ statement, guiding you to where you want to be and what you want to have done by the end of your life.

Your Life Mission Statement

write your life mission statementSo what are you waiting for? Have a careful think about yourself, your life and your aims, and think about your values and the values you will need to get to where you want to be. Then write a draft statement, review it and re-write it again. You can re-write your life mission statement as many times as you like, it’s the end result that matters. That statement will help you in making decisions, guiding you on your journey, being motivated and being inspired.

It’s a good habit to read your life mission statement daily to put it into your sub-conscious mind and let your mind work on it in secret. Also don’t forget, that your aims and wants can change at anytime so should review and re-write this statement every few months.

Wrote by Joe Brown