A Minimalists Guide to How Less is More

Can having less ‘things’ in less space lead to more happiness?

In the US it’s estimated that Americans have ‘three’ times the space in their homes today then they had 50 years ago. But along with this vast increase in space, comes the newly learnt phenomenon to buy and consume. By teaching ourselves to fill this space, especially in western countries we have become self-indulgent shopaholics.

What’s the Harm You May Ask?

Well with over indulgence in what we don’t need, what are we left with? Increased spending, debt, environmental footprints, and stress it would seem.

Minimalistic Thinking Mind MapDo you remember the good days in your life where you chilled in the college dorms with just a desk, bed and laptop? Travelled from hotel to hotel or just lived minimalistic and camped? It may seem impossible but this simplicity of life, enjoyment of freedom and increased efficiency of time could be brought back into your crazy life at any time, benefiting you in a whole lot of ways…

  1. Saving You Money & protecting you from debt.
  2. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & consumption of the world resources.
  3. Minimising Your Stress & de-cluttering your life.

So How Can You Achieve This?

Edit Ruthlessly – Keep only the stuff you need right now and only the things you’ll continue to use and love for years. Not just any stuff!

Think Small – Efficiency is key! Use and keep only efficient items. The things you use all of time, not just the things on an off chance.

Multifunction Things – Forget the hundreds of CD’s, DVD’s, and Books… invest in a tablet or iPad and use it for everything. Your media, your writing, your work.

And so maybe, just maybe, less equals more. By de-cluttering your space, giving yourself more freedom to live and allowing you do so with only the stuff you really love and appreciate, could just be the beginning to that new chapter in the life you want and need.

Wrote by Joe Brown