Inspires Me: The World Cup Bond… We Are One

2014 World Cup Brazil InspirationThe 2014 World Cup has been live in Brazil for officially 7 days today and we’ve seen both some amazing scenes of sport but also some extraordinary shows of support and bond to.

I’m from the UK and so of course, I support England. Approximately 5000 British supporters flew out to see their opening match in the middle of the rainforest last week and many millions more have been watching eagerly around the world, to see their home teams play as well.

But this post is not about Football or Fifa, or even about countries or nationalities specifically, but rather the support shown, the bond brought and atmosphere created around the world by such an extravagant and important event.

Regardless of its cost or point, I don’t think anyone could disagree that the world cup as a whole plays an amazing role in ever increasing world bond we have. And it’s this world bond, which it creates, that inspires me and I want to talk to you about today.

We Are One

We Are One (Ole Ola) by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte is the official Anthem for this years World Cup and again, whether you like the song and its singers or not, I think its lyrics, as well as the obvious scenes of dancing crowds in the video below, are significant to the bond and atmosphere of the world cup which inspires me.

The chorus of We Are One goes, “Put your flags up in the sky, and wave them side to side. Show the world where you’re from, show the world we are one.” Which I think shows exactly what the world cup stands for.

You first put your flags up in the sky and support your team, you show the world where your from, see where everyone else is from and take in, experience and appreciate the vast variety of countries and nationalities out there.

But at the same time, you not only recognize and appreciate countries by also create and feel a bond between them as to. It’s exactly this bond, which inspires me; the world cup bond, which lasts regardless of politics, war or opinion for much longer than the cup is on.

One comment left by a reader of article about the event here, said “I am very appreciate to FIFA who builds the world relationship and friendship through the foot ball match.” The writer obviously struggles with his English, but I think it demonstrates non-the-less, the global feeling and inspiring purpose of the cup.

It gives nations the chance to not only come together within themselves, but also for all of nations around the world to come together as one through sport, with no need for thought of conflict, politics or economics.

Final Thoughts

We’re in a tricky place as a race on this planet right now and the only way to overcome it is through closer integration and bonding together as one. Politics is one way of doing it, but I think perhaps sport has its role to play for the people to? This is what inspires me, the global bond of sports and the world cup.

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