The Psychology of Autumn – How The Seasons Effect Our Creativity…

To create is to reflect the things we see. Therefore the world around us is important to observe.

The seasons have multiple benefits for the creative mind. Physically, taking note of the seasons can inspire us; the colours of Autumn leaves for example. But did you know that there are also psychological effects of seasons?

According to Eastern wisdom each of the seasons have there own energies and benefits. In Spring we are bursting with energy, ready to absorb the world and everything in it. While, in Summer were said to be bursting with productivity. Autumn’s a time of reflection on the things Spring and Summer brought. And Winter, we’re at our most creative, where our mind are most vulnerable to those Eureka moments.

So How Can This Help You? – Reap the rewards that Autumn leaves…

If you listen to the seasons, you can learn to mould your mind-set and your goals around it, both daily and overall. Adapting ourselves to the world around us, in order to understand, reflect and provide is the best way to focus on the strengths of our disposition.

In Buddist religion, Ratna is the god for Autumn. Fertility and depth.

In the Self-developer’s religion Autumn is a time for:

Strength & Endurance – The symbol for Autumn (and dusk) is metal. This is the time to be strong and persist with what you have learnt in order to figure out a position of understanding yourself.

Gathering the new tools you built up during the Spring & Summer – Ask yourself how you are different now? What new things you can channel and provide? The things you have learned and the mistakes you have learnt from? In a sense, this season is the revision of your own self-psychology.

Understand the data you gathered & let it sink in - Before the reflection required for Winter (our most creative and sensitive period), its important to ensure that you bring yourself back to yourself and check what goals you want to fulfil. All the seasons flow into each other, bouncing and completing the ones beside them. It’s just as important to return to yourself between them as it is to throw yourself into the energies of the current.

Intuition & Courage - Build up a belief of yourself in this time and as a result enjoy the courage and the spontaneity it will bring towards the end of the season.

But remember, the effects of the seasons are different for everyone, because everyone is different. These changes are only general, but it’s important to constantly understand your position and the things you have gained from the year, whatever project you are encouraging.


So understand the things you learnt in the Autumn, reflect on them in the winter, get re-inspired in the Spring and be productive in the summer.

Success is about being the best you can be. This cycle of the mind, will snowball into something bigger and better if you listen well.

Wrote by Aimee Hall