My Top 5 Speakers, Inspirer’s & Mentors Who You Should Check Out

Eric Thomas Speaker & Inspirer Since my first ever encounter with the internet, social media and an amazing website called YouTube many years ago, I’ve been amazed by a number of people who have been a real inspirational and guide to me ever since that day.

They all give different things; talks, lectures and advice, but to me, they all give several things in common to. They give great stories, inspiration and knowledge, 3 invaluable things which have helped me move through my life and projects at a tremendous rate of success over the last few years since their discovery.

So below, I’ve listed my top 5 speakers, inspirer’s & mentors who I think you should check out and follow online. They’ve been of great guidance to me, my life and the development of my philosophy and I feel they could be to you to.

However, don’t forget, these are just the people I’ve found and there are many more out there waiting to be discovered by you to! Check out my list and I hope you enjoy.

1. Eric Thomas

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

3. Suli Breaks

4. Jim Rohn

5. Tony Robbins

So I hope you liked my top 5 speakers, inspirer’s & mentors, but why not find and check out your own to? Have some spare time? Then visit YouTube and look for more, look for videos from mine and look for videos from new inspirer’s of you’re own.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet, what you can find through it’s exploration and the inspiration, knowledge and motivation you can find, uncover and receive, literally from just a click.

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