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How Can A Holiday Benefit You? 4 Holiday Benefits for Success

Holidays, we all love them right? Sun on our skin, sand between our toes and the sea in front of our eyes… paradise. Or maybe not… maybe for you a cold holiday away skiing is paradise, or even a quiet weekend to Scotland in a caravan. That’s up to you, but the point is, it’s a holiday and holidays are great for anybody interested in self-development!

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They’re great for a variety of reasons, and I have found many of the holidays I have had in my life extremely inspiring and motivational. Below is the 4 benefits I have found of a holiday to me as a self-developer. » Read more..

Exercise: Brainstorming an Overview of The Life You Want

To build a life overview sheet, including your life goals, I find the brainstorming technique most effective. It’s a good idea when planning to just do a simple sketch of our ideal life.

When outlining your life, it’s a good idea to include the different categories of life such as Wealth, Business/Other life importance, Relationships (Split into: Family, Friends, and Others), Giving Back, & Well-being (Split into: Physical, and Mental) coming off from the centre ‘bubble’ labelled with something like “My Life”. » Read more..