How Can A Holiday Benefit You? 4 Holiday Benefits for Success

Holidays, we all love them right? Sun on our skin, sand between our toes and the sea in front of our eyes… paradise. Or maybe not… maybe for you a cold holiday away skiing is paradise, or even a quiet weekend to Scotland in a caravan. That’s up to you, but the point is, it’s a holiday and holidays are great for anybody interested in self-development!

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They’re great for a variety of reasons, and I have found many of the holidays I have had in my life extremely inspiring and motivational. Below is the 4 benefits I have found of a holiday to me as a self-developer.

1. Inspirational.

Holidays can be hugely inspirational. The sights, the people, the food, your family, the experience, even your in-depth thoughts on yourself. I once went on holiday to Guernsey in the channel islands. I have never been so inspired by another holiday since.

The blue sea’s, the sights, the constant examples of success surrounding me everywhere I went. Everybody there was positive and they came from a different walk of life… I came away from that place inspired to make something of myself and guess what… I was just 13 years old.

I came back from that place and started work on my second or third internet venture with the hope (as a 13year old) of one day becoming a success like all of those who i’d spent part of my time geographically surrounded by.

2. Motivational.

Holiday Benefits for SuccessAlong with inspiration, comes motivation. Holidays can be very motivating, they (as we will go on to) let you let go of the past and give you a taste of what the future could possibly be. They not only inspire you and give you a sense of direction, but give you the drive and motivation to work in that direction to gain what you have now realised you want.

Back to my example; I came back from that holiday motivated. Motivated by the inspiration i got from the place, and this motivation pushed me to do something nobody else I knew we’re even thinking of doing! And that was create another website… making an effort and pushing for success.

3. Time To Evaluate & Move On From The Past.

Holidays can be a great time and opportunity to not only relax, but relax and think back. Its the time to evaluate your past, learn from it what you have to learn, and prepare yourself to move on and work towards the future.

This is huge part of your self-development, Evaluating your past and using that to improve in your future is a huge part of self-development and thats what holidays are great for. For preparing yourself to make that transition.

4. Time To Think About & Plan For The Future.

Once you have evaluated your past, your past experiences and actions and prepared yourself to move on from them, then your holiday is the time to plan for and move ahead with your future.

Time to start to plan how you are going to take the steps in the direction you intended to with the added improvements to yourself recovered from your past. This not like a business plan, just a few thoughts, maybe a few notes, but an idea at least!

So next time you go away, even if only for a weekend, then think about these things. It doesn’t even have to be a holiday, i used to travel a lot and go away to wales with my parents weekly… on the 2 hour drive there and back, i’d often think about myself, my position, where i wanted to be and how I was going to get there; my path. Next time your on holiday bear in mind the points above and use your holiday productively as a positive thinking tool to prepare you for success!

Wrote by Joe Brown