The Best Way To Succeed – Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

Learn fast, fail fast, correct fast, and connect faster"

Fail fast“ is a phrase heard said often by successful people all over the world, but up until the last few weeks was a phrase I never really fully understood. I mean, not to say I didn’t understand the words, I did, I just hadn’t gained my own meaning for the term itself. But on a trip to Campus London a few weeks ago it all slipped into place.

Campus London is a seven story building in East-London run by Google for Entrepreneurs. It offers area’s for tech entrepreneurs and innovators to meet, socialise and develop. While there, both myself and Aimee received several talks and meets from a variety of entrepreneurs including a video conference with the head of the Campus .

Towards the start of the visit, we we’re given a talk with 3 current tech entrepreneurs, the first being Andy from ClickMechanic, second Barney from ClickVine and third Chris from TwoTen. A key message passed over in this was to “fail fast” and not be put off by it.
Our host later went went back and highlighted this and its importance to success, saying “Failure is not a bad thing, not all ideas are going to be good ideas but the crucial thing is, fail fast right? Don’t like put something out there when all of the evidence is suggesting its not a good idea. You don’t push forward, you put your hands up and say that wasn’t a good idea. Shut that down and start something else.

When she said what she did, it clicked in my mind as I brought it together with my own experience of a past relationship; something that can quite often be similar to business or the general journey to success. The overview of the story was a two year span ending in a pretty dim end, but I realise now that if only I had of learnt to recognise the symptoms of failure early and ‘failed fast’, it just may not have been so dim after all.

So with this connection in mind, I now understand and fully recognise the importance of the ‘fail fast’ talk in an individuals journey to success. To fail fast means a quicker, more direct and often less hurtful journey to true success, with still all the recognised teachings of a more obnoxious journey.

Now this site’s based around the fact of success and the journey to it and failure is something shown to come many times in the journey before any success. And so to me, recognising failure and fast is a key skill in achieving success. Recognising from evidence that one thing isn’t going to be your doorway to success and moving on from it early, is the best way to move forward to the next thing that could be. It’s the best way to succeed.

So why not take this approach on board in your life? Save time, save effort, save money and fail fast… you’ll reach the success you want much quicker by doing so!

What are your opinions on failure and failing fast? When did you learn to fail fast? Let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation on Twitter !

Wrote by Joe Brown