A Successful New Year: How to Start Your New Year with a Bang!

6 Ways To Make Good Resolutions & Stick To Them!


Successful New Year!

This year may have been a successful year for you. It might have been a time that brought you achievements, new opportunities and new skills. But on the contrary, you might be glad to see the back of it! Either way, now is the time of year to spend some time and deep thought on your hopes for the near future. To find and to use all that you gained from this year to improve yourself and your quality of life in the next!

Only 46% of people who make New Year’s resolutions each year keep to their promises after six months. This blog post aims to help you to become one of those rare people who not only start the New Year with a bang, but every day that follows too…

1. Set Specific Goals

This is really important. When your writing your aims for the year make sure that you make a list that consists of a few, but extremely detailed goals. A goal that has no deadline, no meaning or no point, is a goal you are a lot more likely to drop. So ensure that all your goals are S.M.A.R.T and reflect your true ambitions. It’s not necessarily going to be easy to succeed, but it will be easier if you are prepared in this way.

2. Set ‘To Do’ & ‘To Be’ Goals

When writing your resolutions you might want to try what I do and divide your list of goals into two categories. ‘To Do’ and ‘To Be’. To-do resolutions usually include various projects or events you’ll want to take part in. This might include a concert you want to save up for or a writing project.

Whatever it is, always ensure that it fits in well with your To-Be and is, although not unreachable, requires a stretch. To-be resolutions may include anything to do with becoming a better, more valuable individual.

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3. Ask for Feedback

Before you make your list of goals get feedback in all areas of your life. To know what you need to improve on, you have to first identify your weaknesses, so ask people you can trust to tell you how you are doing, what opportunities are available to you and how you can improve.

Take note of the things people have said throughout the year about your strengths and your weaknesses and equally, keep track of what you are doing long after January too to make sure your goals are current and close to achieving and that you as a person are on the right track.

Worked on a project with someone lately ask to swap feedback! This is a great opportunity to get feedback from someone who has worked with you for a number of weeks/months. In fact we see it as such a valuable opportunity, even me and Joe are doing it this new year.

4. Learn from Last Year

And be optimistic about the next! If you believe that you can, you will. So make a fresh start with a fresh mindset. Unless your Mary Poppins, it is unlikely that your year passed without some kind of mistake. That’s human. The key to starting the New Year well is to avoid dwelling on the past, but not to forget about it.

If you want to improve yourself and your life ensure you never make the same mistake again and learn from it. Evaluate yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses from throughout the year. This will not only help you to bring forward any skills you didn’t get the chance to learn forward, but also any regrets you may have in a positive light also.

5. Don’t Let Yourself Slip; Take Action!

You have to fight for what you want. Wishing under the fireworks is passive. Anyone can do that and everyone does! The difference between a successful person and a none successful person is commitment. Commitment to succeed. Commitment to take steps. Commitment to check a box.

In order to look back at the end of this new year with a smile, you have to grit your teeth now. The people who become the best are the ones that train the hardest so never give up or leave something to a later date. It’s that attitude and that mindset that meant the things that someone didn’t check off their resolutions remained unchecked.

6. Set resolutions for yourself

Don’t ever go with the flow. Successful people, . So if the people around you, the flow, aren’t taking opportunities, making steps or are telling you that your dream is a waste of time, then ignore them! These are the people that won’t fall in that rare 46%. These are the people that don’t become the best. These are the only people that can hold you back. It’s your life and your year, so take actions and do them for purely selfish reasons.

So all that’s left to say is good luck from us both at One Life Success. We wish you all the best for your resolutions, and a very happy new year! 

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Wrote by Aimee Hall