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Asperger’s Week: My Thoughts, Opinions & Experiences (Q&A With Aimee)

We’ve been writing all about Aspergers this last week in our ‘Asperger’s Week’ series. I wrote (here) last week covering 20 of the worlds most famous and influential people who have or are assumed to have Asperger’s, while Aimee spoke in her post (here) about the typical traits of people with Asperger’s and what anybody can learn from the success driving traits of them.

Now this week, as nice a coincidence and surprise as it is… came back a close result of mine that’s very related. I’ve this received my official diagnosis of Asperger’s. It’s a life long difference and is, regardless of the late diagnosis, something that will and has affected me and my life ever since birth.

After receiving the diagnosis I told Aimee. She had some questions to ask and we thought it would be good to share them with you! So here goes… » Read more..

Aspergers Week: 20 Aspergers Famous People Who We All Know

Note: This post is the first of a series of posts for our ‘Aspergers Week‘ set. To read the following posts in the series click here or subscribe.

So in the last post of our ‘Asperger’s Week’ Series, Aimee spoke here about Asperger’s as whole. She introduced us all to the difference, briefly covering a few people who have been proved to have or to have had it and talked about how we can learn from them and their differences.

Now, she covered a few of these people before but in this post I’d like to cover more of these famous and successful Aspergers people individually. But first of all, in case you didn’t read her previous post or simply don’t know, here’s a quick recap on Aspergers. » Read more..

Aspergers Week: Aspergers or a Label for Genius?

Note: This post is the first of a series of posts for our ‘Aspergers Week‘ set. To read the following posts in the series click here or subscribe.


When thinking of Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, what do you think of?

For me it’s simple. I think of three men that all worked exceptionally hard to be and create what they have and to be the best in their field. I also think of a shared set of characteristics that got them there; Determination, Obsession, Focus, and a rejection of an ordinary life. I think of success.

But now, would you be surprised if I now told you that all these traits are actually the symptoms of a medically recognized difference? 

Asperger’s & Aspie’s


Aspergers syndrome is the term used to describe a rare and irreversible psychological difference that affects the way in which certain people communicate, work and perceive the outside world. » Read more..