Exercise: Your Ten Commandments – Whats Important in Your Life?

Looking for Trends In What You Value…

Life ImportancesTo truly discover and plan life around what you value, you have to know what your values are. The top priorities you look for in yourself, the people around you and the life you want to lead.

As humans we have the capacity to adapt to our environment. Our values change. Your list of considerations, the ones you made to live life the way you do today, might be endless. But the key to personal development, is improving. And to improve your life, to improve yourself, you have to look inside yourself, at your core morals.

At the end of this exercise you should have a guide for your day-to-day living and planning.

1. Write a list of all the reasons of why someone might work towards a goal.

Not necessarily why you work, and just any reasons you can think of that motivate the direction of someone’s life. E.g. ‘Money’, ‘Travel’, ‘Inspiration’

2. We have all met someone we wish we hadn’t. Considering why, is always a great insight into the qualities of life we value.

My pet hate is liars. Therefore a great value of mine, is honesty; explaining why I’m a terrible liar myself. Highlight the qualities you don’t value in one colour and any opposition values in another.

Check all the ones that are important to you in one colour. When doing this think about your idols, the qualities that they carry and how you want to be remembered

3. Pretend you are a juggler, your capacity is ten balls.

Now select your top ten values, the ones that are most important to you and prioritise them. Create a separate list listing the qualities you value in order and highlight the top five

Now Ask Yourself:

1. Do these qualities reflect my… current friendships? My partner? My job? My strengths and weaknesses?

2. Do these qualities reflect… those of people you don’t like? Situations where you feel uncomfortable and decisions you regret? Think about the ways in which you could learn to avoid living this way and by those values.

3.Would living by these values make me feel proud and self-assured?

4. Would I be comfortable to go against the tide with these values?

5. Do I currently live by these values? Do they represent what I support and how I live my life?

Like how a holy book is a guide for religion, this is your own personal guide unique to you. Look at it when your making a decision, when your planning. Change it when you change. Enjoy the results of living by your own channel.

Wrote by Aimee Hall