3 Success Keys for a Successful New Year – How to Get Success this Year

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a great holiday, Christmas and New Year, and maybe a nice Christmas Refresh like me over the break to.

It’s now 2014 and in this post I want to talk to you about making a change to your life this year and the simplicity of how you can do it, because it really is simple. And it takes just 3 things to do.

The three success keys, which I will talk about below, are all true, tested and proven to be the main 3 success keys for many of the worlds most successful people. If you’re wondering how to get success this year and hoping for a successful new year then forget the wishing, but start doing.

This first of my three success keys for a successful new year is inspiration:

1. Imagination: You Must Have Idea’s & Vision

You must be inspired and you must have a vision. Whether you’re inspired by sports, business, writing or even just success itself. Being inspired and using it to imagine the ideas that fit, is a key part of the foundation to success. “First to turn nothing into something, you start with ideas and an imagination.” Said Jim Rohn in a speech of his a few years ago.

2. Faith: You Must Have Faith in Your Ability

Faith - The Second of Three Success KeysThe second of our success keys for a successful new year is to believe. You must believe in you’re idea’s and your vision, and have faith in you’re ability, and faith in your fore coming journey to the accomplishment of your dreams.

Tony Robbins has spoke numerous times about his concept of belief systems, and in a video I’ve previously posted to One Life Success here, he even pushes forward his view that belief and certainty are the driving factors to success.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy” – Tony Robbins: Awaken The Giant Within

To succeed, it is necessary that you honestly and truly believe that you can and will achieve what you dream off; deeply enough to envisage yourself in your mind having took you’re journey and succeeded at it already.

“You’ve got believe in the possibilities, you’ve got to believe in the economy. You’ve got to believe that tomorrow can be better then today.” Said Jim Rohn a few years ago, “But here’s the big one, believe in yourself. There isn’t a skill you can’t learn, a discipline you can’t try, a class you couldn’t take. There isn’t a book you couldn’t read.”

And it’s this success key of belief, together with the inspiration, imagination and dreams that you have… that will be the perfect foundation for the last of our 3 success keys.

3. Work: You Must Work Your Butt Off On Your Ideas

You must work you’re butt off.” Once said Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a clip I remember so strongly in my mind.

Dreams don't work unless you do - 3rd Success KeyYou may have the greatest vision, inspiration and imagined ideas in the world, and you may have the die hard belief and faith in your abilities to achieve what you want to in life, but without the work non of this will ever come true. It’s all just thoughts and idea’s at first, and it’s the work that will bring it into reality.

“So to turn nothing into something, here’s what we do: Imagine the possibilities.” said Jim Rohn, “And both imagination and faith are powerful forces, but we still don’t have a hotel, we still don’t have a house. Even though they are powerful forces, it is the beginning.”

“Now imagination and faith must be deposited in activity or it is wasted. But the miracle touch of the finishing process is now, go to work. Go to work and build a better career, go to work and build good health.”

In Summary

So what should you do? You should imagine your destiny, your ideas and your goals. Take inspiration from that which inspires you and come up with the goals and aims you have, and the dreams which you wish to accomplish.

And then you must believe, you must have faith in your abilities and believe that you WILL achieve you’re goals. In fact you must believe that now you’ve made the decision on what you’re goals are, you already have achieved them because it is so certain that you will.

Finally you must work. You must work you’re butt off to ensure that you do achieve. Because no matter how hard you do believe, it is the work which inevitably defines whether you do or not. Work hard on your dreams, your ideas, your goals and make sure that you do succeed this year. Make sure that you do make a change and increase your chances of success with good old hard graft.

 A Final Word

Here’s one last word from Jim Rohn: “What’s got you turned on? What’s got you up early? What’s got you eager to face the day? What’s go you inspired? To learn the extra skill, put in the extra time, go the extra mile.”

And here’s to the new year! Good Luck on your journey, both me and Aimee here at One Life Success really do wish you the best of luck and hope that this year IS your year of change and success.

Start now and take on these 3 success keys, and who know’s where you could be by the end and beginning of this year and next.

Wrote by Joe Brown