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Movies of Inspiration: A Walk to Remember

If your in need of some reminding key life lessons of love, life and mortality… this film is the one for you. Showing the life changing story of a misled boy, he turns his life around from the joker of the class to a future success, following the meeting and journey of a life with his complete opposite.

If you’re looking for an inspirational film of life and life, then is the one. It represent a whole lot of life lessons and does so, leaving you in a state of reflection on your own life and what the future of it could hold in store for you.

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3 Life Lessons from the “Fast & Furious” Films Franchise

Paul WalkerYesterday was the funeral of Actor & philanthropist Paul Walker, also known as Brain O’Connor from the Fast & Furious films series, after he was killed two weeks ago in a car crash following a charity event in California.

Loved by all that knew him and who watched the Fast & Furious films he was in, he played the role of Brain O’Connor, a cop and then ex-cop in the series alongside fellow actors Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and more. Below is the tribute video released by the producers of the series just last week, to commemorate, celebrate and remember his life and work in the Fast and Furious films he played such a big part in.

In remembrance of his life and love for the road, I last week, like many other fans around the world watched the series from start to finish again. I’ve enjoyed the films since their first ever release but in this post it’s not that that I want to focus on, but instead the lessons that they can teach us; regardless of the crime-ridden storylines they lead. » Read more..